1983 Opel Kadett 1.3S 1.3


One of the most reliable cars around


Not much really, even if this was an old car that I bought right after university for little money. Mostly wear items like brake pads, rusted exhaust system, battery, cracked head lamp. The only thing that I replaced that is not directly a wear item was the high beam lever that did not work. The car is very easy to work on, and most DIY's can work on this car. What finally made me sell this car was body rust, cosmetic things. The car is actually still running!

General Comments:

This car is unbelievable reliable, but very basic. The 75hp engine is barely enough for safe overtaking, with many passengers and load in the car, forget it. The ride is OK, but sound isolation is sparse. A pity Opel does not make quality cars like this anymore. This car cost me less than 100$ a year in service and repairs the 7 years I had this car. Believe it or not.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2006

4th Sep 2006, 14:09

I had the same car (a Station Wagon) it was very good, comfortable and unstoppable: my dad gave it to me years ago with 198.000 km on it.

I used it till 300.000 no joke.

Too bad he had an accident and it was too expensive to repair.

Best car I ever had.

1986 Opel Kadett GL 1.6 S


Small, cheap, fun and forces you to learn more about the mechanics of a car :)


What hasn't gone wrong?

2nd day I had it, I had to take it into the shop for a total restructuring of the electrical system, which drained the battery when the car was off. However, this was the fault of the previous owners.

You have the expect a lot of "wear and tear" on a car this age tho. Almost every bit of equipment in the engine compartment has been changed once or more.

The engine itself has been taken a part and put together again a few times. Luckily, I know people who knows more about cars than me, and doesn't mind helping me out too much with repairs.

The little "gadgets" that holds the sun-screens in place have broken off 2 or 3 times, and other similar "gadgets" also tend to break easily. The window-valve, glove box compartment, seat-adjuster, etc. lots of cheap plastic in this car.

Right now, I need to hold the trunk door open, or else it will drop down and hit me in the back of my head (which hurts like hell, if I might add). The hydraulics are pretty much shot.

Rust is everywhere, although it's not even close to rusting through the chassis anywhere. Yet.

Water sometimes get into the car when its raining, although we have not been able to figure out where the leak is yet. Not that we've been trying too hard either.

The seats show sign of serious use, but they are still in one piece.

Front window has a huge crack (make that 3 cracks) in it. There's always been a small "chip" in the window, but I never bothered to correct it. Then during winter 2 years ago, water got into it, and froze, cracking the window in 3 directions.

The gearbox will probably be the next thing that breaks down, unless I find a new car first and take this one to the scrapyard.

General Comments:

OK, with that out of the way, I need to say.. I really like my car. Many of the things what went wrong with it, was the fault of the previous owners and repair shops. I found out this car had been in a rather big collision, then put back together again and repainted.

The first 2 or 3 years I had this car, I would break down because of something every other month, which was very annoying. But the last years, it's been rock-solid in almost every way when it comes to reliability.

At least once a year, I visit my grandma who lives 500km away. So that's a total of 1000km back and forth per trip. And it has never broken down or shown any problems during these trips. Summer or winter.

I live up north in Europe, way north. Having winters with 35 degrees below Celsius is not uncommon. But the car will always start, on first try. Even if I have to dig it out from a ton of snow first.

The car have "soft plastic" bumpers, back and front. Which means you can pretty much slam it into the steel railing next to the road, and get away with it without a dent or even a scratch. Hey, it gets icy up here on the roads, OK?

Even tho it's just a 1.6, it feels a bit sporty and even fun to drive sometimes. And fuel costs are low.

The cabin is simple, just the essentials things needed. Seats are comfortable, but you might want to take a pit stop on long rides to give your back a rest.

Space in the back is also no problem, not even for tall people. And because you can put the backseats down, you'll can also have a huge trunk compartment. I once transported a bed in there.

What can I say to sum up this car? I bought it cheap, but had to pay for lots of parts and repair. But parts to this car are cheap and I got most of the work done for free. So, no regrets.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2005

1989 Opel Kadett 1.6i Power


A decent bargain if no rust


All the below happened at 160,000km.

Flexible petrol line, underneath car, degraded. Cheap to replace.

Shock absorbers failed. All needed replacing.

Timing belt failed.

Weakened brake lines due to rust. All needed replacing.

General Comments:

It's a pretty decent car. It starts well in all temperatures and runs well. It has good acceleration and is pretty roomy inside. Parts for replacement are relatively cheap. Fuel economy is also good.

Its down points are that it rusts badly around the wheel arches. This happens when the car becomes old, and can cost a lot to repair (especially in Norway), thus the car becomes fodder for the scrap heap.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2003