1986 Toyota Corolla Sun 1.3


Happy to have it as my student car!


The starter went dead when I almost slipped off the road. Had to get a new one. The sudden stop might have caused that.

There is some problem with the coolant. I think the reservoir might be broken.

The left front light has a loose contact.

When driving log distances, the battery warning light may start to shine. Some contact spray on the cable connections from the dynamo work for another 100 km or something like that. Never happens on short drives.

General Comments:

Cheap and does the job.

In addition, one learns how a car works and how to fix minor issues.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2009

1976 Toyota Corolla KE-30 1.2


A Toyota is a Toyota - reliable as hell!


My seats are worn.

The engine broke down at 131000 km. due to the previous owner's inability to check the oil level and eventually change the oil. The oil pressure was quite low and the oil lamp was lit for over 5 seconds after the car had started before it went dark.

General Comments:

The car is a dream to drive. Very comfortable gearbox, it shifts like a dream, and the clutch is as easy to press in as on a newer car.

It handles well, but is not too good on iced roads if you do not know how to drive a rear-wheel-driven car. It is easy to get the rear part slipping.

The engine on these cars are very tough and can run on an on forever (3K). However, the previous owner of this car did not see to the oil pressure and oil replacement, and as a result of this, the motor died.

The dashboard lights are not too bright, and can be hard to see when driving in tunnels during the day and other such environments. However, when it is pitch black outside, you can see it.

There was once a break-in into the gas tank of the car, and as a result of this, gas is flowing back out from the fuel filling tract when pushing the accelerator to the floor.

Apart from this, the car has been rust-treated a lot of times since it was built, and it is still without rust, even though corrosion was a serious problem on these cars.

Low fuel consumption. I would definitely own another one!

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Review Date: 6th August, 2006

16th Sep 2008, 15:54

I got a 1976 toyota corolla that I have managed to improve a bit, with renewed dash, aluminum wheels and seats. It is a great car, not too fast though, but strong built. I have thought of selling it to buy a newer one, but sometimes I don't know because everybody says that they are so good. It is carburated, and it makes it not too economic even though it has a 1200 cc engine. Could that be improved? I will have to think more about selling it...

13th Jan 2010, 08:52

-could anything done to improve this-

Years ago I owned a Corolla 30 and wanted to improve performance etc. The 1600cc engine, gearbox and front McPherson struts (with brakes etc) from a Toyota liftback of similar vintage (also sometimes called 'Corolla' but completely different body) all were fitted without too much difficulty. Other than having to weld new engine mounts, change from wire to hydraulic clutch and cut a new hole for the gearstick, it appeared that Toyota had designed the shell so it could take these bits (but never did on the 30).

It all ended in a car that was a fair bit faster and a bit more economical (eventually uprated the rear diff also).

1978 Toyota Corolla KE30 1.2


It keeps going on forever


Water pump had to be replaced after 250000 kilometres.

Seats started to wear after 270000 kilometres.

General Comments:

My grandmother bought this car new in 1978, and she drove it until 1994, when I was 18. Then she handed it over to me, due to the retiring of both granny and gram-pa. They figured they only needed one car. (They had one each)

It was completely in perfect shape, like brand new, in 1994. Interior still smelled kind of new. No paint scratches or damages. It had been running for 121000 kilometres at the time I got it, and it was fantastic to drive.

However, here in Norway, the roads are most slippery during winter. Because the motor was located in front, and the car had rear-wheel drive, its rear end seemed to really easy slip off the road and begin to sway back and forth, and with no pressure over the driving wheels, it was hard to regain control, once slipping.

So the car went out of the road and downhill. Its chassis was smashed, and the car was beyond recovery. This happened about after 187000 km, in 1998. Really a shame.

Then, I bought another, but I extracted the intact motor and gearbox from the wrecked one and installed them into my new station wagon model. It was not as clean and good-conditioned as the previous chassis, but it was nice. And not to mention; cheap. And I started driving right away. But I needed something more safe, so I sold it to my uncle and bought myself an Audi 80.

But my uncle kept it. And he drove it until 2006, when he had to sack the whole car, it was through-eaten by rust. But the engine and the gearbox never complained. It was really really solid built. Never had any engine trouble, clutch had to be replaced after 230000 km, though.

My cousin is on his way to buy one right now, I wish him tons of driving pleasure years ahead!

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Review Date: 9th May, 2006

3rd Sep 2007, 04:38

Show the car toyota ke30.

1987 Toyota Corolla LX 1.3L


Almost spooky


Fan belt snapped at about 200.000km, but that was expected.

Radiator sprung a leak at about 210.000km, due to a little rust and helped along by pebbles.

It has been running on three cylinders for the last six months, nobody seems to know what it is, but the car keeps on going even so.

Plugs need frequent changing in the last three years.

Problem with overheating in the last three months. Something`s probably clogged.

General Comments:

A great car, I hate it, but that`s because I`m more of a Chevrolet guy.

Everything works, even the radio installed by manufacturer in -87,

Starts and runs even with it`s ignition in the wrong order.

Heater, fans and wiring problem free, I have never even changed a fuse.

It has become a little loose in the steering, but all acceptable, no bearings, gaskets or rods changed at all.

A fantastic quality car, I have to say. So it`s with a heavy heart I send it to the car graveyard, due to rust because of my negligence and salted roads.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003