2000 Toyota Corolla Linnea Terra 1.4


Never again a Toyota


Alternator at 90k.

Engine lamp glowing sometimes, dealer couldn't find any fault.

Severe oil burning after 140k, 2 quarts a tank.

Exhaust at 130k.

General wear and tear items as expected.

Expecting the emission control systems to fail soon because of the oil burning. And it will not pass the MOT. The car will be scrapped.

General Comments:

I really struggle to find a reason to buy this car. It's bland, dull to drive and the interior is cheap. Yes, it's been reliable in terms of electronics, yet the engine has suddenly started to burn lots of oil. It's a well known Toyota design fault causing the piston rings to leak. I knew that the car was bland when I bought it, but I wanted and needed the Toyota-reliability more than anything else!

I was satisfied with performance at first for what it is - after all it's a 1.4. But lately it has become sluggish, lumpy and smokey.

The car has been serviced on the spot and meticulously cared for. I am utterly disappointed and will never again buy a Toyota!

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Review Date: 12th June, 2017

1995 Toyota Corolla 1.3 injection


Superior quality


The car has 242 000 km on the tacho, and today I had it to the biannual EU-test. It came out with no remarks. Everything just fine!

For almost 2 years and 21000 km, I only changed a light bulb, outside of doing regular maintenance like changing the oil and filters.

Had the cam belt changed, but this was in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

I have owned Opel, VWs, a Mitsubishi and a Volvo. None of those seem to come close to the Corolla with respect to quality and reliability. It seems to be in a different league, far above those other brands mentioned, and probably most cars.

General Comments:

Super reliable, and cheap to run. It also uses about 5.25 litres / 100 km, giving 45 miles per US gallon, or less than 54 UK MPG, when used for commuting.

Best car I ever owned, by far.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2013

31st Dec 2014, 13:35

I still own this '95 Corolla, which has now covered 258 000 km. Only oil and filter change since last time, plus one light bulb. Fantastic car!

3rd Sep 2015, 00:04

Still have the car. It went through the EU control that we have in Norway with 0 faults!! It never happened to any other car I owned.

It now has 263000 km on the odometer. Oil and filter are changed regularly and it just continues to run.

It's 20 years old this year.

29th Dec 2016, 14:36

Still have it. Got a rust hole in the left side "channel" welded. Cost less than 400 USD (about 3300 NOK). Changed the engine oil and filter recently. It has run almost 270 000 km / 170 000 miles now. Still going strong.

13th Mar 2018, 10:54

Still have the Corolla. Soon 285 000 km on the odometer. Changed front brake disks and pads recently. Bought it 6.5 years ago and the 23 year old car is still going strong. Uses some oil, so I have to watch that...

1992 Toyota Corolla XLi 1.3 (4E-FE)


Great car, served me well!


At purchase, this car was already a wreck: Very rusty, bad rear suspension, motor oil leak were amongst its more obvious issues. Front suspension was replaced short time before purchase. Also before purchase: Complete Tectyl anti-rust treatment of underbody.

At ~190,000 km: Minor issues with tension leads. Well, major issue, minor solution...

At ~230,000 km: Complete exhaust system replacement, from manifold to muffler -- it basically fell apart because of rust. Also replaced front left panel because of rust.

At ~250,000 km: Broken alternator, needed replacement.

At ~290,000 km: Oil leakage and rear suspension issues made the car obsolete, as it didn't pass the obligatory bi-annual vehicle inspection.

General Comments:

Considering this cars general condition at purchase, it's a miracle that it has made it through five years, 100,000 km. and several lengthy road trips.

Fuel consumption is incredibly low.

The car is very comfortable and has a very good 'feel'.

Not a durable car in northern, snowy regions. The road salt will make this car rust away.

In spite of this cars small engine (88hp), I had no trouble driving four passengers and a ton of baggage up steep hill sides. I also used this car to lug around a ~500 kg. trailer, without noteworthy difficulties.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2010