1995 Toyota Corolla 2.0L diesel 2C from Australia and New Zealand


Great reliable car; minimal maintenance


Radiator replaced in 2011 - my fault, never changed the antifreeze.

Rear shocks replaced in 2012 - worn out.

Paint fade from mostly being parked outside - started about 2005.

Thermostat is a bugger to replace.

General Comments:

Very reliable and versatile. With better care it would be still worth $4-$5000 NZ dollars. Sadly I had to say goodbye to it when someone ran into me and the repair cost was more than its market value.

Diesel motor needed its jets cleaned after 150000k.

Clutch was never replaced. The 2.0L diesel motor gave it good torque for towing heavy loads.

The aircon was still working, but only had 2 temp modes, so not full climate control. The heater was good.

Interior is boring, but that was common for the year it was made.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2013

11th Oct 2014, 07:07

I am in Namibia, bought the same car in Botswana in 2012. It is now at 220 000 km, but I think my auto gearbox is almost done. It was filled with petrol and driven for about 25km, and the engine is now smoking a bit. I am though struggling to replace the gearbox.

I love the car.

Do you have an idea where I can buy this gearbox?

1995 Toyota Corolla 1.3 injection from Norway


Superior quality


The car has 242 000 km on the tacho, and today I had it to the biannual EU-test. It came out with no remarks. Everything just fine!

For almost 2 years and 21000 km, I only changed a light bulb, outside of doing regular maintenance like changing the oil and filters.

Had the cam belt changed, but this was in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

I have owned Opel, VWs, a Mitsubishi and a Volvo. None of those seem to come close to the Corolla with respect to quality and reliability. It seems to be in a different league, far above those other brands mentioned, and probably most cars.

General Comments:

Super reliable, and cheap to run. It also uses about 5.25 litres / 100 km, giving 45 miles per US gallon, or less than 54 UK MPG, when used for commuting.

Best car I ever owned, by far.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2013

31st Dec 2014, 13:35

I still own this '95 Corolla, which has now covered 258 000 km. Only oil and filter change since last time, plus one light bulb. Fantastic car!

3rd Sep 2015, 00:04

Still have the car. It went through the EU control that we have in Norway with 0 faults!! It never happened to any other car I owned.

It now has 263000 km on the odometer. Oil and filter are changed regularly and it just continues to run.

It's 20 years old this year.

29th Dec 2016, 14:36

Still have it. Got a rust hole in the left side "channel" welded. Cost less than 400 USD (about 3300 NOK). Changed the engine oil and filter recently. It has run almost 270 000 km / 170 000 miles now. Still going strong.

13th Mar 2018, 10:54

Still have the Corolla. Soon 285 000 km on the odometer. Changed front brake disks and pads recently. Bought it 6.5 years ago and the 23 year old car is still going strong. Uses some oil, so I have to watch that...

1995 Toyota Corolla Conquest 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Great, reliable and economical car!


This car is a written-off car. I didn't realize this until after I got home with the car. However, time has proved it is a great car! This car is as reliable as I thought a Toyota should be. It hasn't had any trouble since I bought it 3 years ago, not even a little problem! Not at all!

General Comments:

The 1.8 litre engine is very strong and acceleration is decent. I have no problem driving on the highway at a speed of 110 km/hour, and it runs very smoothly with the cabin being very quiet.

The ride is comfortable thanks to its independent suspension system, both in the front and at the rear. Fuel consumption is around 9.6 L/100km in the town.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2011