1995 Toyota Corolla DX 1.6 from North America


Best non-problematic car if treated with care


This car was purchased brand new, my grandfather actually purchased it back in 95. Due to his condition, he could no longer drive in 2002. The car at this time only had 19,000km, which is ridiculously low. Therefore, he passed the car on to me.

Ever since, the car has been nothing, but joy. The little thing has been a trouble free car considering it's still new, with only 60,000km on it right now. My grandmother always said however you treat a car, is how the car will treat you. The only thing that we replace was the battery twice due to the car sitting in one spot all the time, now it need a tune up.

General Comments:

For those of you who wants a non problematic car, don't waste more time searching. Honestly, this is the best car for you money. My uncle, a mechanic was telling me a corolla, don't remember the year exactly, came in the other day with no word of a lie with 700,000km on the original engine. Do you believe that on a four banger? Amazing!! All this being said, it's an amazing car!

By the way, does anyone know the bolt pattern of the rim on this car, I believe it's 4 by 100. Let me know anyone. Thanks.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2007

5th Jan 2007, 12:54

Yeah, Toyotas are great. The PCD probably is 4x100 yeah.

5th Sep 2007, 23:14

What is the hub circle size of this car?? Let me know thanks.

1995 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8 from North America


Reliability on the way!!!


Nothing mechanically has gone wrong, however when I drove through a water puddle, the brakes on my car were useless.

There is a leak in the trunk, but I know where it is, but I am too lazy to fix it. (around the tail light).

General Comments:

Well my last car was a V6, and now I have to drive this 4 cyl, but it's a manual, however there is a lack of power. I have this car for only one month, and I was supposed to change oil, and I haven't changed or checked the air filter.

It handles pretty good for a small car.

Seats are hella comfortable.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2006

1995 Toyota Corolla from North America




2 Independent caliper seizures, this was well into the ownership of the vehicle & could happen to any car. This is partially dependant upon road conditions. Road conditions in Quebec, Canada are harsh due to extremely cold winters with salt used on the roads to melt ice along with very bumpy roads filled with potholes.

I replaced the starter once during the 234000 KM.

I replaced the rears shocks for the 1st time last year 2005.

Windshield wash pump died twice.

A gasket on the gas tank had to be replaced because it sprang a small leak.

Unfortunately our local Toyota dealership is pathetic. I was having troubles with the manual transmission clipping 2nd gear in the winter. The dealership service manager informed me that I didn't know how to drive a standard transmission, only to eventually discover that there was a large number of Corollas that had been shipped to Canada with the wrong oil in the gearbox. Changing the oil solved the problem after they had the gearbox out of the car 3 times & ended up breaking quite a few of the parts in the gearbox.

The service manager test drove my car with me in it and scared the life out of me because he didn't know how to drive a standard, yet attempted to test drive my car. I forced him to stop the car, while I took over. The car has been fantastic ever since the change in the thickness of the oil in the gearbox, along with the rebuild of the gearbox after the dealership damaged the parts. :)

General Comments:

This has been the longest that I have ever owned a vehicle. It is the best car I have ever owned. I have owned 3 other Toyota's, 2 of which have been corollas, all of them have been excellent.

The reliability is fantastic, the only time I was forced to tow it was after an accident.

I still have the original exhaust on the car, it's almost 12 years old.

I have been having an extremely difficult time lately selecting a newer vehicle. I have to buy a used vehicle, because I cannot afford a brand new one right now. I want another car as reliable as this one has been, but I need a slightly bigger car. My son is 6' 2" and his head touches the ceiling of our Corolla, when we hit bumps he bangs his head on the ceiling. I wish they made Camry's in 5 speeds because I would buy one in heart beat. I am considering a Honda Accord, because they come in 4 door 5 speeds. I love manual transmissions.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2006