1999 Nissan Sunny FE 2.0 diesel


The car is comfortable


Climbing uphill is a problem with this car, because the body is heavy and the engine does not seem to give it the kick it needs.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable for long drives. With its heavy body, high seats, and nice handling, it's a treat on highways.

The suspension of the car is very durable. Besides giving you drive comfort, it also gives you peace of mind driving on bumpy tracks that nothing would break apart in it.

A very nice vehicle for a small family.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2008

1991 Nissan Sunny JX 1.0 petrol


When we bought this Vehicle we were pretty exited about it. It seemed 1.0 liter engine would be good and would be pretty economical. It turned out to be other way, it used to drink 12.5 to 13 liters of gas per 100 Kilometers. Nissan made a huge mistake by introducing such a small engine in a big body, the engine just keeps on sucking more gas. Took the car to Nissan dealer and they say it would use 10 litres per 100 KM of distance, after tuning from Nissan dealer, even then could not use less than 12.5 litres per 100KM, without any hard load or any air conditioning. This was a very bad investment that my father made on this stupid stupid car for buying it at 8500 US dollars. Sorry Nissan this car is a failuire. Would never buy anything from Nissan again, they cheat!!!

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Review Date: 27th October, 2004

1st Jan 2006, 20:47

I would like to say that I also owned a Nissan Sunny 1985 with a 1.0 Litre engine. The fuel average was outstanding. It was better that the Suzuki FX 800cc on highways and very competitive in the city. It consumed about 8-9 litres per 100km.

9th Jan 2006, 04:24

No matter what you decide to do with your JX, never ever get it converted to diesel engine to save money in fuel. I did that mistake and crying ever since. The radiator, suspension and even the chassis has been a bane since I got this thing converted to diesel. Diesel consumption is not good either. The car is not reliable at all after the conversion. So beware!