1987 Toyota TownAce SUPER EXTRA 1.9 TD


Good for family and touring


One of the front axle became noisy.

The engine is under power heats up very quickly to an alarming point it must have 2.2 engine.

Engine being under front seats not easy to work on for repairs very congested space it takes an extra hour to reach engine.

Electrical wiring and fuse box system is in close space.

Not easy to change flat tyre jack mounting are not secure specially when rear wheel is involved.

Mostly new parts are not available, but used one are available in junk yards.

General Comments:

This is my second Town ace in the span of ten years last one was 2x4 manual and this one is 4x4 automatic.

Recently repainted, engine rebuild by replacing old engine block with another used one having standard bores, replaced pistons and ring sets, crank grind, repair-service some other necessary part as I want to keep it for another few years.

Appearnce is impressive specially the SKY LITE gives the feeling of a convertible car.

Roomy enough for a family of six and still got space in the boot. Kids love to ride on this machine.

4x4 version makes it safe for the rough tracks.

Dual AC with a mini bar is worth in hot summer days.

Comfortable to drive with a long range visibility and easy to maneuver on tight turns.

Taking to a Toyota service centre is expensive for a 1987 model so I usually work my self or along with mechanic for repairs.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2006

5th Sep 2006, 13:14

Do any Townaces have rear seat belts that go across your chest (not just across your lap)? I think they look great cars, but my children's car seats need 'proper' seat belts. If they don't have 'proper' seat belts, does anyone know how much it would cost to have them installed?

Also, is the Townace a particularly small MPV(we are a tall family)?

Does anyone know of a garage that is a good stockist of this kind of van?

Many thanks!

29th Sep 2006, 09:32

I have a Toyota Townace with rear lap belts. I have been looking for someone who would put shoulder strap seat belts in, but haven't had any luck. Does anyone know where I can get belts put in? I'm in Yorkshire. Is it even possible with a fibreglass van?

24th Dec 2008, 13:34

Thanks to the comments on this page. I believe I will stay away from the Town Ace. I wanted a touring mini and the moon roof was very appealing.

14th Apr 2010, 07:11

Heating problem is still there with the AIR CON ON, even after adding a third radiator, but without A/C it is fine in city driving, and not on the highway.

I also added water circulation pump, but it leaked, otherwise it may have worked. Can anyone give info about a 12V water circulation pump for car engines? I once read someone in Australia added a 12v water circulation pump.

The engine water pump does not have enough force to circulate water through 2+1 RADIATORS.

smtic at yahoo.com.

7th Feb 2014, 11:15

I used to have a Lucida and was advised by an old importer that due to Japan's horrendous traffic jams, the water works get seriously sludged up - hence the reason so many Lucida / Emina blow head gaskets. The cure is simple - completely flush out the entire cooling system (radflush then water), replace the thermostat (if it's overheated - it's buggered) and Bob's yer Uncle :)

19th Jul 2016, 09:29

I also had same problem before when using the A/C... but I did not add another radiator, I added a big fan in the 2nd radiator in the bottom radiator which is near the A/C condenser. My problem was solved... also don't use cheap oil or cheap fuel... it is very sensitive. Also try to add a radiator water coolant.