1995 BMW 3 Series e36 316i 1.6


BMW for life


I had to replace almost all of my suspension parts; like shocks, bushings, control arms, tie-rods, etc.

Around 80,000 kilometers. Although I already replaced the air-con, it was a still bit weak compared to Japanese cars. It's quite a drag for me to change the micro-filter every time the air-con looses it power to cool the cabin.

The brakes were sticking and had to be cleaned during 100,000 kilometers.

Key less entry system had problems due to weak batteries in my keys.

Headlights switch into bright mode kept sticking.

Had to replace steering bushings upper and lower due to squeaking sounds.

The original mesh wheels were so hard to clean. So I replaced them with 320i mags.

Replaced my old headlights with M3 e36 projector headlamps.

I'm planning to get my car repainted after all these years...

I put nitrogen gas in my tires...

General Comments:

This is my first BMW and German car.

The car has a very comfortable, but firm ride compared to other Japanese brands in its class.

I really like the upgrade that I did with the car: HID bulbs, Pioneer in-dash mp3 player with Sony explode sub woofers, etc.

Whenever I drive this car in the highways it seems to be getting faster, and the grip is fantastic during high speeds.

It does not matter much to me if the car is slow during acceleration considering the weight of the car and my engine.

Although it's an old car it still is a head turner.

It's a very fuel efficient car. 9-11kms/liter.

I'm a very proud owner of this BMW. After more than a decade of service I will never change the brand of my car.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2007

27th Jan 2009, 06:17

Hello! So, you said the 316 is good enough, huh? I`m asking you, because I want to buy one. How is it in overtaking? It`s not slow, with only 105 HP? Waiting your answer, at flaviuvacanta@yahoo.com


1st Jan 2010, 19:39

I also own a BMW e36 316, and it has been the best car I've ever had. It has a lot of faults, but maybe it's the faults that make this car great.

It'll always be either a BMW or a Benz for me.

BMW's tagline is true, the car really drives like a dream for me.

1988 BMW 3 Series 320i m2o


I love the car and I'll pass it to my son.


Thermostat failed and also the fan clutch. Rebuilt the automatic transmission.

General Comments:

The e30 surely live up to its expectation, it is a pretty car, but it's a little bit cramp at the backseat. Overall the is durable than most other car of it's time.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2007

1987 BMW 3 Series is 2.5 petro;


I love the car


My head blew up when I found out that one of the cylinder is not functioning right, it was running with 5 cylinders only, as per BMW shop.

General Comments:

The car is fast and reliable, but when I got it at 80000 km in 1992 (1987model) inported from california it was stock at the custom pier till I got it.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2003