2009 Chery QQ 311 11000




Spare tire holder had to be welded.

Air con was not cooling very well.

Fuel consumption was and still at 10km/liter.

Factory provided radio cannot pick up any stations.

Headlights have scratches from the inside, although they argued that it had scratches in front. So, how come it is still sealed and there are scratches inside?

Tried to return or at least have the unit changed within one month of purchase, but to no avail.

General Comments:

The car is not living to its promise of a fuel efficient vehicle.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2009

11th Mar 2010, 00:10

This car is relatively new. I have seen other reviews from users in different parts of the world. I got interested since they are trying to introduce this car in Kenya.

The reviews talk of a fuel efficiency of up to 15km/l. Now I think that is too low for 1000cc or less, type of car considering that there are bigger engine cars by Toyota, Peugeot, Ford, etc that can do the same or even better.

Am not convinced that it is fuel efficient. In actual fact I cannot buy a 1000cc car for that kind of fuel efficiency and compromise engine size and power. No, not me.