2004 Chevrolet Zafira CD 1.8 Gas


The car is unsafe


The Engine Electronics/Immobilizer indicator has stayed on after turning on the ignition. This has happened about 5 times since I bought the car. The first 2 incidents happened on the first year I had the car. I had the car checked with a Chevrolet dealer, but was informed they did not find any fault. I am concerned that if this should happen while I am driving on the expressway, I may get into an accident.

General Comments:

The reliability of this car is questionable.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2007

19th Apr 2008, 22:11

Your car might have electronic system problems. Do you have doucmented inofrmation to show that your car had such problems and the dealer saying that they could not find fault? Is your car still with you? I might be able to help you if needed.

26th Apr 2008, 21:43

I have a Chevrolet Zafira CD too. Its dark green and it is good looking, but it has bad interior quality like the materials. The window switch didn't work once and then the Chevy dealer fixed it. Then the air conditioner and the door broke. The electronic immobilizer also always error. This car has bad reliability and bad quality. The lines in the bumper that connects the rear door is bad. I think this car is untested properly and this might be the worst SUV in Chevy history. The chairs look sporty but not comfortable. Every month I have to fix this car.

10th Jul 2009, 22:49

The Zafira Chevy that I bought is fine, and up to this time it didn't give me headache. The body part is thick and has more leg room. Sound system is likewise fine with me.