1997 Hyundai Excel LS 1.5


Great performance in the first year!


At 30K kms I replaced the condenser fan motor.

At 34K kms replaced the airconditioning evaporator.

Replaced rear wheel bearings.

Head lights busted.

Corrosion everywhere!!!

Suspension not so good (Well, what do you expect on a cheap car!)

General Comments:

Even though I have replaced so much parts in the second year of ownership, I would still say that I had enjoyed and had fun driving it.

I hope that Hyundai make a better version of this model.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2000

7th Nov 2004, 04:15

Hey Ron,

Have you ever heard of people saying 3 grand instead of 3 thousands? Well it's the same here. This guy wrote 30K kms AND 34K kms. That letter "K" after the number 30 and 34 means thousands. So, don't think that he is giving you some "Very inaccurate report" as you would say. He is only using a SLANG way of saying thousands of kilometers. OK?

So just to rephrase it for you what he meant:

At 30,000 kms HE replaced the condenser fan motor.

At 34,000 kms HE replaced the air-conditioning evaporator.

I hope my comment helped.