2002 Isuzu Trooper LS 4x2 3.0 common rail turbo diesel


The Trooper is a great car that offers performance and practicality in one great package


It's very picky on motor oil, only agrees on the oil specified by Isuzu, if not it would leak and cause injector problems, which we so narrowly escaped.

The turbo had to be replaced somewhere around 54000kms.

The brakes seem to wear quickly, having been replaced several times already.

Center link assembly was replaced at 56000kms.

General Comments:

Having owned this car for five years (since October 2003) I can say that it's quite reliable in general. However, maintenance is not exactly what you would call cheap. It's perfectly screwed together though.

The performance is great, having 160 horses and 333N-m of torque and coupled with a good automatic transmission, it can easily outrun any compact sedan. And all that while still returning approximately 7.5km/l mileage, which is quite acceptable by my count.

The exterior may have been just an evolution of the original 1992 model, but it still looks fresh and brand-new.

The interior is really great with supportive and comfortable seats. That is except the 3rd row which consists of 2 side facing benches that seats 4 in a pinch. The beige interior color, though looks rather classy, easily gets dirty.

The handling is, as expected in this kind of vehicle, nothing like a sedan. And it feels like it is leaning to the side when turned, but is actually quite firmly planted to the ground.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2009