1991 Kia Pride CD5 1.1


Great first car


Banged-up body when I got it.

When I bought it, I got 8 kms/liter. Immediately needed an overhaul.

Dashboard and door panels rattle.

General Comments:

After the overhaul, I got 17-19 kms/liter highway driving. 12-14 city driving.

Never broke down or overheated.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2012

1996 Kia Pride LX 1.3 petrol


Have a pride and you will find it's better side


Radiator cap.

Air filter.


Brake pads.


Timing belt.

Exhaust. I have replaced all three parts twice.


General Comments:

For the class of this car, it is powerful.

Too light. You will feel your are flying especially at high speeds and its suspension is too soft.

The dashboard is noisy when at high speed.

The engine roars loud enough for this class.

Air-con is strong, but eats the power for revolving tires.

Comfortable to ride; just volume up your radio.

It is still functioning after being stocked for 4 yrs. I have just replaced the spark plug.

It is fuel economical; I've just spent 2,450 Philippine peso for a full tank.

I've just replaced the brake lights, headlights, grilles in GTX version just for looks.

If you have Borla exhaust, you will have additional 10 hp. Before, it was 65; after, it was 73-75.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2007

28th Sep 2008, 08:00

Just curious, what is a BORLA exhaust? Tnx.

18th Apr 2011, 05:33

I have a Kia Pride Beta 2003. I am the 3rd owner.

My problem right now is that the engine went off every time I change gear. Before the condition was so smooth, but as the clutch was readjusted, trouble come along affecting the acceleration, going so high and when running and stopping in a crossing the engine went off.

The air con is functioning. My biggest problem is the timing and clutch. It has newly changed oil, the carburetor is newly clean but still high minor. Any idea to solve my problem?

23rd Jul 2011, 18:20

Check your fuel filter system. Fuel pump, filters, lines, EGR on TBI. The timing belt could have jumped or slid; that makes the timing off when shifting gears. It starts and runs though, but is rough and dies when load is present. Hope this helps

1998 Kia Pride GTX EFI


Great practical car


Front disc brake pads and rear drum brake pads were all worn out.

General Comments:

This car is very economical for city driving.

The engine is very powerful though it makes a humming sound inside the cabin, but fades away when the car stereo is turned on.

The cabin is very spacious and the seats are very comfortable.

Lots of cheap spare parts available.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2006