1979 Opel Rekord E 2.0 petrol


Luxurious in a nice convenient package


The fuel filter got clogged at 13.000 kilometers (97+ fuel octane rating).

Gas tank gasket ripped at 14.000 kilometers.

Intermittent stalls not associated with clutch and driver failure.

It's a gas-guzzler and there's no doubt about it.

General Comments:

The steering is highly responsive and you can use only one-hand on 160 degree zig-zags.

The suspension is a bit troubling especially at the back, but it never lets the car down.

I got a lot of good comments and looks when I bought it even though it was third-hand!

The original jet black paint is magnificent and it feels that it actually is a limousine.

Mine is an Irmscher edition so everything is made to look sportier, with fiberglass and high-impact plastic as the side wings and both of the bumpers and also the nice Momo-Opel steering wheel.

It has a lot of features that set it alongside the luxury cars of Mercedes, etc.

The brakes have a bit of latency, but it never fails to make you feel safe.

The seat warmers and sun roof are proof that it is a luxury car then in the eighties.

It's not a racer nor a snail, but it never fails to out-speed other modern cars.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th March, 2005