1995 Citroen XM 3.0 gas


It is one of the worst cars I have driven!!!


The oil pump leaks oil only had it 1 day and it had 191,011km.

Gas for the air condonditioning has gone the same day I borrowed it at 191,002km.

This is only a borrowed car so don't know what other things have gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

This car is a very bad car not only because it's a french car, but also because it's a Citroen. French cars are know for breaking down and having bad parts also when the car breaks down the parts are very expensive. Other know French cars like Peugeot and Renault are also very bad. Some of the things it has in it like hydraulic lifting is not needed also the electronic seats is only a insult to human kind as it makes life even more easy. Like I said before the parts to hydraulic lifting cost a lot and also to the electronic seats.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2005

29th May 2005, 17:18

Sounds like the owner not the car that is bad.

Not all french cars are that bad at. So that is a really silly generalization. Problems sounds more like neglect than anything else.

30th May 2005, 02:23

I agree with the first comment. You borrow a about 200000 km car and the air conditioning does not work after 1 km... did it work before?? and the oil pump, was it perfect 2 km before. "All French cars are bad, especially Citro├źn". Then why not buy a excellent Polish vehicle like the Solidarnosc 000??