17th Jun 2005, 09:07

The reviewer of the borrowed Citroen really has no valid argument to make. I would suggest that the reviewer is feeling pique toward French cars in general and doesn't really have anything constructive to say or anything of real value to any prospective purchasers. It is difficult to take such reviews seriously at all. The 'facts' as given only serve to highlight the majority of positive feedback on this vehicle.

12th Aug 2005, 17:39

Now on my 4th XM. First one was a 2.1 litre diesel, unfortunately written off in an accident at 135,000 miles. 2nd car was a 3.0 V6, bought at 106,000 miles and sold at 140,000 miles. The other two are 2.0 litre petrol turbos... one just scrapped off at 174,000 miles; the other is a low mileage example (48,000) which I am treating gently... since they are becoming hard to get hold of. Having driven to the moon in terms of distance in these cars I can possibly claim to make a more valid critique of this particular model's strengths and weaknesses. If you treat them right and service them properly they are still one of the best rides on the road. None of the bits peculiar to citroen have ever given much trouble... there have been the usual french minor electric problems, leaking radiators/hoses, clutch cables going, a few spheres changed... all things you expect on high mileage cars bought cheaply. Never had any engine problems, but there again I don't thrash them and change the oil on schedule. Very comfortable cars, much underrated, don't rust, very safe in an accident, still look unusual/classy nearly 20 years after they came out. Not the fastest car in the world and not for boy racers, but a car in which you arrive having always enjoyed the trip. If you like your motoring bland, buy a mondeo!

10th Sep 2005, 21:46

All excellent comments, except the first one, sadly.

I've owned 4 Citroens in my life - 2 x Visa II (Club and Super E), BX 19D (1984), BX 19TRD (1987), have driven one XM in my time, and am getting ready to buy a '95 XM, 2.1TD.

I've put close to 1 million kilometers on these 4 cars, and would challenge any manufacturer to be able to say they've had a customer like that. I've had only one minor issue with my Visa II Super E, BXs were FLAWLESS!

Like someone said - don't like Citroen? Buy a Mondeo!

6th Oct 2005, 13:31

I have recently purchased a low mileage Citroen XM Mk2 2.0 CT turbo VSX with 35 thousand miles. Unfortunately my previous experience with the XM has been in the form of well used garage loan cars, and I now realise didn’t do the car justice, perhaps as is the case with the example cited by the Polish originator of this thread.

The ride is generally superb, particularly at speed, combing as it does excellent damping with plenty of suspension travel, maintaining the typical and distinctive Citroen softness. At low speed it deals with sharp bumps rather more competently than the CX.

The engine is generally quiet and flexible, although being a 2.0 turbo, it is not as tractable as I would ideally like. The automatic gear box is mostly smooth, but changes can be detected unlike some other luxury cars I have driven, notably a Lexus and the Citroen CX 2.5 automatic that I also own. Performance is fine for me, although I am not a ‘push on’ driver and so am not the best judge of this.

Other positives: 1. The seats are very comfortable especially for long journeys. 2. The ergonomics are generally pretty good, although it is too easy to hit the indicator stalk when moving the cruise control lever. 3. Excellent and versatile luggage space and roomy interior. 4. Considerably more solid than previous Citroens, as exemplified by the door shut.

Dislikes: 1. The XM does feel more ordinary to drive, and lacks the attractiveness of previous big Citroens (CX, SM, DS, Traction Avant). 2. The steering is rather ordinary (same system as BX) and consequently the car lacks the remarkable manoeuvrability of the CX. 3. The interior design, although it works well, lacks the distinctiveness of the CX. In particular it is so black – I wish it had some colour. At least the dash is fairly low, adding to the sense of spaciousness. (I wouldn’t want to be without the pushbutton climate controls as, to my mind, they do lift the interior a little). 4. The handbrake arrangement doesn’t bother me as I have an automatic, but it has in manual cars I have driven. 5. The dot matrix display doesn't work-I understand this is typical of the breed. (Does anyone know where working examples can be found?)

Overall, I am very happy with the XM, it is a better car than I anticipated and it feels distinctive to drive, although perhaps not distinctive enough. I only wish that there were more low mileage unspoiled examples available. Most I see look pretty tired.

23rd Mar 2006, 09:01

I wished that the original did not come from my homeland. What always surprised me is that most people there do drive ugly VW's with no suspension on the worst roads in Europe full of holes like after WW2. No wonder they are frustrated about driving and cars in general. They seem not to see the obvious that is to use Citroen cars for such severe road conditions.

And how can you say something about the car without testing it throughly? I can understand that. Most of the cars imported to Poland are wrecks, which are afterwards horribly maintained. The common opinion in Poland is that German cars are superb, don't break down etc. When you compare statistics with other manufacturers it is not true.

One thing is to be mentioned here however: Bad workshops and owners lacking in common sense can ruin your Citroen. The Citroen cars with their sophisticated technology are only kind to mechanics with brains.

I owned CX that was very reliable. I sold it because of engine wear after zyllions of km. Now I am about to buy a Citroen again, probably XM because it is probably the most reliable and cheap to maintain (common parts with Peugeot) car that Citroen produced. And all the reviews, but one seems to tell you the same things: luxurious, reliable and best for its price.

30th Mar 2006, 10:16

You must be joking, if it is the worst car you have even driven, then it is not a Citroen XM. I would never change it.

19th Apr 2006, 08:07


I am 1 of the lucky (!) ones to be raised and transported in Citroen's. My father never wanted anything else and had: DS, GS. SM (still has it!!) several CX's, BX and now and Xm 3.0 V6 24v .Myself: Xantia 2.0i, and now: ' 92 XM 3.0 V6 and an '82 CX pallas (hobby car). As sais in previous messages a Citroen needs it's regular and on-time maintenance. They are great cars, at the time every model was made, engineering and ergonomics far ahead of time.

I am driving my Citroen's with pleasure and yes there are some arguments, weak electrical systems, timely checking of LHM levels etc. etc. best is to become member of a club or chat at forums, but most important: treat your lady well and give her new juices on time and every journey in your Citroen is much more pleasure then in any other brand; comfortable seats (specially CX, SM and XM) but remember: A Citroen will never be a Mercedes or a BMW.


A Citroen lover/driver!!