22nd Apr 2006, 12:44

And a BMW will never be a Citroen, I've driven both, and Citroen beats it.

28th Dec 2006, 04:28

The Citroen XM is a GREAT CAR. Very comfortable and brilliant on long journeys. If you keep on top of the maintenance then you will have no problems with it at all. My car is a 2.1 TD SED, I paid £750 for my vehicle and although it was dirty and untidy, after months of hard work it is a very distinctive & and beautiful car to behold. If you like design in a car, then the XM IS THE CAR FOR YOU. No it is not BMW OR MERCEDES, but it is a fine car to own and drive. If there are any other XM owners in the Canterbury area please get in touch.

8th Jan 2007, 11:41

I've also had a BMW before, I'm now driving a Xantia, and everything about the xantia is better, I'm not nearly on the verge of getting an XM 3.0 24v, it's cheaper to insure than my Xantia 2.1td exclusive, and when you can run an XM on LPG you are laughing!

1st Jul 2007, 13:19

Perhaps the original poster showed his ignorance of the XM when he referred to the "hydraulic lifting" as being a waste of time. He obviously didn't realise that the ability to change ride height is only one of many attributes of that remarkable suspension system. Ask Rolls Royce, they use Citroen suspension units under licence!

Past XMs: 1990 2.0i; 1990 2.0SEi

Current XMs: 2000 3.0V6 24V Exclusive; 1995 2.0CT VSX Estate.

Nothing else on the road like them, or as good.

16th Nov 2007, 08:42

I don't know why the people in Poland and all the ex USSR countries have a bad idea concerning the french cars?? I bought my first french car (Peugeot) 2 years ago and I made 80 000km! yes in 2 years 80 000km only with 1.8L 16V Petrol engine and NO PROBLEMS AT ALL... My friend has an XM, he bought it with 25 000 km on board (Diesel) and now he has more than 150 000 km and never thinking to change! Comparing to cars from USSR and the polish one (if I can call it a car) French cars are really better... For example, Renault Super 5 1982 still working till now with the first engine and more than 200 000km... And about the pieces, they are not expensive!! And even, at least you can find them!!! not like Toyota in some countries...

23rd Jun 2008, 11:26

Citreon is a car I have been using after an audi and a golf. I enjoy citreon because of the comfort. I owned the BX, the CX both the saloon and the caravan and the XM. The problem of leakages of hydraulic oil is serious but if you are observant and know the performance of the ride you will enjoy it. You have to love the car before you can own it. The hydraulic system can be disappointing yet with everything being perfect, it's a good car. At 40 I owned 5 citreon cars with 3 now at my disposal.

6th Dec 2008, 10:10

I own a left hand drive Citroen XM Estate 2.1 Turbo Diesel 1999, bought in Belgium. It is a stunning vehicle. We've done something close to 250,000km in this one. This is the second xm that I have owned. The first was the most beautiful car, owned previously by an education minister in Belgium. The only signs of wear were where the minister had sat alone in the back with his briefcase and his feet had worn the carpet... sadly that one got smashed up! What can I say about this remarkable car? It's safe, reliable, cruises effortlessly for hours and gives the ride of your life. Maintenance is reasonable, servicing essential and the payback enormous. The car shouts style and poise... do I buy another? Yes, if I can find a late low mileage diesel example. Let me know lance@macmail.com London.