Tico SX/AC 0.7

Only those who don't have it don't appreciate it!

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Cheap to run, but offers no passenger protection

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Tico SL 0.8

Cheap and reliable

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Tico SL 796

I do not regret my choice

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Tico SX 0.8

Cheap to run, ideal for hard urban traffic and small budget

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Tico SL

Very economic and cheap car

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Tico SX 0.8 normally aspirated

A durable and somehow sporty car

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Tico SL 0.7

Low consumption, reliable, and funny

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Tico SX

Small car, excellent technique!

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Tico SX 0.8

This ain't no car. However, it's damn cheap!

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Tico SX/AC 800cm3 46.5 hp

After this car, my next one will be a Supra

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Tico PM 0.8

Great when you are a student!

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