1995 Ford Mondeo CLX 1.8 ZETEC


An excellent and comfortable family car!


First thing after buying it, I replaced the timing belt (300$) and, after one year, the clutch (350$).

On cold rainy mornings it becomes very steamy inside.

The central locking system is often freezing in winter. I got to be very careful to let it dry inside, before parking for the night.

General Comments:

I am very content with this car.

It is a very reliable car and very comfortable. I really enjoy driving it, especially on long trips. The space is OK for my entire family of 4.

It is also very stable. Last month, even after hitting a rock and with a damaged wheel I did not feel any push aside for the next 100 km to the mechanic.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

1997 Ford Mondeo LX 2.0


Very good for the time it was designed: early '90


Slight leak of dampers.

Noise from the wiper's blades.

Engine noisy when cold. It needs one hour to warm up.

Fronts seats terrible. Impossible to find the "right" position.

Brakes not impressive.

Air conditioning of modest quality.

General Comments:

Chassis is impressive.

Engine is happy around 135-140 km/h.

Very little torque after 150 km/h in the 5-th gear.

In 2002 is outdated car. But for the right price can be an option as a second hand car.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

29th Nov 2002, 04:16

I did not finished my review and I added entry.

I have more to say:

1) I have an oil leak in the clutch coming from the main journal or from gearbox. The dealer told me that is a common problem of these cars and I should not worry. I inspected other Mondeos and the all have this wet area at the face between the engine and the gearbox. Did you experienced such problem? How will develop?

2) The oil consumption jumped from 60 grams /1000 km to 120 grams /1000 Km. I hope the oil quality was not that one required. Nevertheless I use 5W50 Mobile that is supposed to be good. I heard frightening reports about valve stick. I hope that will not be the case. Can be the exhaust recirculation valve broken?

3) I have a loud bang / clonk (but only once) from wheel in front, only at 1 km / hour when I turn the steering wheel completely to turn the car! What can it be? I found the noise is more likely to appear on snow?! Why?

4) On low temperature -15 deg. C I had the bad inspiration to adjust the inside mirror. It fell off like a leaf with stem broken. Be aware folks the this car is designed for mild winters. If you drive in Scandinavia take care! The dealer told me that can change the mirror, but might brake the window! It happened to other people! But why to worry?! I have a full insurance to my car so I can pay the window! My insurance is at minimum as I did not claim anything in the last 12 years. Foa a wind screen I am supposed to pay again 100%. Cynical!

5) The air flow under the bonnet is excellent. The design is great. At 100 Km per hour in 3, climbing in the mountains the fan does not start. This is really good.

1994 Ford Mondeo CLX 1.6 petrol


A very good choice


The suspension on the rear wheels broke down at 156000 km.

My Mondeo has a very delicate problem: when I first start the engine it keeps stopping after about 2-3 minutes. After 2-3 minutes the car works like a charm. This problem I haven't solved yet because I haven't discovered the cause.

General Comments:

It is a very comfortable car.

It is no sports car, but it handles very well, and the fuel consumption is quite low.

The car, after 7 years, has no rust and looks brand new.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2001