2008 Subaru Forester XS 2.0 injection


Technology and style at the highest Japanese level


Nothing so far, and is normal, having a new Japanese car.

General Comments:

The Forester we bought, we intend to use it so the whole family can go out week-ends, outdoors without being concerned about bad roads, mud and so on.

When we got the car from the dealer, we were all blown away about the car. My mom and dad said that this is a very very elegant car.

I chose the 2 liter non-turbo engine because it's more economical, and at 1200 KM on the clock the engines swallows just 10-11 liters/100 in town. Yes maybe the on-board computer isn't accurate, but one thing is certain: the consumption will drop a bit more as the car will reach 8000 KM.

This car is the perfect compromise (if I can call it like that) between a street car and an off-roader. You can easily speed up to make some nice cornering, and you also can crawl mud roads. Of course my personal opinion would be that the steering doesn't become tight at high speeds, you can still enter a curve just with your finger on the steer, so this is not very good, you need to be focusing on driving.

The engine, a 2 liter boxer engine is doing a great job. I really love the differential switch (which triggers the limited slip differential) located near the hand brake, and I also love the great number of airbags, ABS, ESP and the hill assistant system. Of course the symmetrical all wheel drive is also a tech candy, which makes Subaru to be a distinctive piece of car. The overwhelming technical part of the car is working hard so the driver doesn't have to. More than that, the driver has some nice tools to challenge a large number of terrains.

The cockpit is truly breath taking, and it looked like it was intended to cheer you and relax you, when after a hard day at work, you enter this car and go home. Absolutely magical!!!

I was and I still am amazed about it, of course is not a Lexus, or Range Rover, but at 30.000 euros I think you get a good elegant car, all techy features, safety on the road, and a Japanese product.

My opinion is that the German and French car manufactures should kiss the Japanese's feet and quickly grab a pencil and a notebook because the have a lot to learn when it comes to reliability, driver oriented products, and so on.

The thing that annoyed me at this car was the fact that the protection steel shields placed underneath the car are optional, but they aren't in production yet; the dealer told me the reason would be some safety regulation not met by them yet. So here I am waiting...

I don't say "go and buy it, it's the best you can get" but instead I would say that opening your eyes can make a difference. A short drive test will clarify the situation, and maybe you will feel that little "something" about the car that you can't explain, and you woke up signing the papers for one like mind controlled freak.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2008

29th Jan 2009, 21:38

My first drive of a rented Forester!!! INTERIOR: cheap plastic easy to scratch. German based boxer engine without the refinement. Rattles all around. HP figures not available under the foot. Lane changes make difficult with AT hunting for gears. Potholes make this car feels old. Their symmetrical crap is based on a viscous-coupling transfer case offered in the 1973 Jeep Wagoneer. What else...

2005 Subaru Forester 2.0 X 2


Best value for money option for a young outdoor loving family


Nothing wrong with the car.

The service is professional and prompt.

Suggested improvement: separate interior light for front seats (to go on when opening the doors), preferably in the lower part of the cabin.

General Comments:

The car runs smooth both on road and in difficult conditions (mud, snow, sand).

Roomy and comfortable (the so-blamed hand rest is very useful for long trips, especially with the cruise control).

Fuel consumption is reasonable for this type of car & engine (10-11L urban, 7.5-9 @ 120km/h with passengers and luggage).

The steering is incredibly easy.

The Air Conditioning cuts off automatically when the engine needs all the power - very useful feature.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2005

21st Jul 2008, 05:47

Update on the initial review:

- 60,000 km, only one problem (sunroof malfunctioning, no wonder considering the dust and dirt in the city; it will be repaired under the 3-years warranty) ; all others (transmission, engine, brakes, dashboard & controls, audio etc.) work as new; no rattle, no other noise, not even from the trunk;

- the car handles excellent in all types of terrain; misses some power occasionally but it's something to live with; Low Range very useful in mud, sand & snow as well as at high altitude (2,500m - 3,000m) where the lack of a turbine is more obvious;

- new dealer in town (Subaru Motors) - cost of periodical inspection is now half of what it used to be with the previous dealer in Bucharest (Radacini) ; dealers in other cities had the cost low already;

- as the kid grows we tend to realize there's not too much legroom in the back; we'll probably upgrade to the new Forester

- fuel consumption still reasonable (I tend to drive more aggressively in the city and faster outside yet I get maximum 13l/100km in the city with AC and up to 10 outside, sometimes with ski-box and 140km/h cruise speed)

- very comfortable to use in the city (drive & park) due to the power steering;

- very good visibility around the car;

- changed summer tires after more than 45,000 km - I believe it's reasonable for the type of car and driving style;