5th May 2009, 07:44

Update to the 5th Sep 2008, 02:51 comment. Well, now my forester has 7000 km on the clock. And I'm starting to love it even more. Got no problems with it obviously, except that the gas consumption has dramatically increased to 12-16 liters/100 KM, and I blame the way I drive (every day I drive like 4 kilometers and on rush hour). But, I got to tell you: you start to love this car when you leave the road, and head towards hills, forests, and muddy fields. Maybe I pushed this car more than it was built for, but it struggled and got me out of mud holes, high ramps and a lot of other obstacles, that I was doubting I can pass.

After all I am more than overwhelmed about this car capacity. Don't get me wrong, it's not a pure off-roader but you can have some memorable moments with astonishing sunset panorama.

And by the way I don't say Subaru is the best car in the world, but I admire the will to invent and innovate at a brand that doesn't do top sale. I think everyone must admit that is "something" different and unique about this car even considering the minuses it has.

17th Oct 2009, 15:57

To the German Guru, I admit that the interior design and equipment level in some Japanese cars may not be upto par with your high society standard, but when it comes to maintenance cost and durability after two or more decades, guess who is complaining -- read the reviews in the Merc and Beemer and compare the driver satisfaction of the Japanese made!

8th Apr 2016, 04:07

I live in CA Fornis, where 550-600 inches of snow each season is typical. I travel to AZ where it's 115 degrees all the time. The American made Legacys & Outbacks are amazing. And I've owned over 275 different cars since I was in high school. Is it my favorite car of all time? Well... let's see... I have half a dozen favorite cars. And of the 3 Subarus that I have right now out in the driveway.... none are not actually on my favorite list.

But... why then do I drive Subarus as my main daily drivers?

Well... let's see... maybe because it's how they act in deep snow and sub zero temps... and how they function in deep sand in 115 degree temps. Maybe that's why.

It's simple... reliability... reliability and reliability. Plus how they function in deep snow and deep sand. I'll keep my older Lexus LS 400 and 5 Series BMW for fun cars to drive on a nice clear day. But... when mother nature raises her head... with seriously nasty weather... I head for one of my Subarus.