1999 Hyundai Galloper petrol


Nice reliable vehicle


I have driven 50000 KM with my Galloper so far so good. The jeep is really solid with high performance in winter, as well as horrible in summer when the temperature crosses 50c most of the time.

One common issue is the radiator failure, which happened after every two three years.

All you have to take care of the car well, proper maintenance will really make its life long.

General Comments:

It's worth it to have this SUV for the price.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2009

18th Jul 2010, 01:58

Hyundai Galloper 1999. I am using this car, and up til today it has run only 50440 km. I have no problem at all. I changed the plug, fuel filter and belts once or twice. This is the best Hyundai Jeep with no problem. I regularly service it from Gulf Service Stations. They take proper care and I am satisfied with their way of servicing. I suggest that the company should start making it again with the same name. They can change the shape. Excellent, heavy duty, strong, dependable and no problem Jeep for long distance drives.


1999 Hyundai Galloper Exceed 2 3.0 V6


To be avoided as an off-road vehicle.


Mounting points on plastic light bar tend to break VERY easily. Gave up repairing them.

Radiator had to be replaced at 32000 kms. Stock cooling system is very weak.

Fan clutch failed at 32500 kilometres

Head gasket leak at 33000 kms

Rear show bumper is too weak to absorb any impact or act as step - bends too easily.

4000 RPM rev limiter is unreasonably low.

Seats very uncomfortable for long drives.

All plastic parts have started to crumble.

Speedo drive and sensor have had to be replaced twice within 4,000 kms.

General Comments:

Although the Galloper retained Mitsubishi's suspension/engine/transmission design, Hyundai has scrimped on such areas as cooling system, interior design and extensive use of plastic instead of metal in many critical areas.

While the Galloper will climb steep grades/dunes, you can be sure it will overheat or break a plastic bracket doing so. It is a good thing this is a seriously cheap vehicle to start with.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

12th May 2005, 13:38

I own a Galloper 98

I need a few spare parts.

The Hyundai home page is so poor it has little or no information.

To find parts in Salvador - Brazil is an adventure.

Please help us with a functional and informative home page

The car is not bad.

Best Regards


1999 Hyundai Galloper Base 3.0 V6


Cheap, all OK, got my moneys worth


Battery required replacement.

General Comments:

This 4x4 is the 1989-1991 Mitsubish Pajero. The car is solid and reliable. On road is good and off road, once the standard korean tires are replaced with good ones, the performance in the sand is solid.

The truck was cheap, and it is good value for money. Bear in mind it is a copy Pajero, so don't expect Toyota Landcruiser preformance off-road.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002