18th Oct 2005, 10:36

I live in Spain and own a Galloper 2.5 turbo diesel. On the whole I have been reasonably happy with the car, however fuel consumption has become a major issue of late. I was advised to have the fuel injection pump overhauled. However on completion the consumption is still very poor.

Can anybody advise me on the route to rectify this problem, as my local garage does not have the answer and I do not have a work shop manual.

10th Nov 2005, 02:49

With reference to the Galloper II 2.5 Turbo Diesel with high fuel consumption. I also had a similar problem which resulted in loss of power and lots of black smoke being emitted during acceleration. It has been in and out of the dealers in Oman a number of times with little success. The first thing they usually say is calibrate the fuel control unit, I have had mine done twice now according to the dealer. I have also had an engine overhaul done at 100,000kms luckily on diamond warranty. What I can suggest is that you should have the fuel injectors cleaned and serviced first, then check the turbo unit by pulling off one of the small hoses and checking to see that air is coming out whilst it is running. If you are still no better off then I am afraid that the only thing left is the fuel control unit calibration.

22nd Feb 2006, 22:08

The injection pump of these diesel engines have to be precisely calibrated by a professional diesel calibrator every 3 - 5 years to synchronize its fuel output pressure. If your pump was just overhauled and not calibrated or pressure tested, then although everything inside your pump is new, it may not be pumping the right amount of fuel pressure into the engine causing your poor fuel consumption. Also, when you calibrate the injection pump, you also have to replace all the nozzle tips in the engine cylinder head and have them installed by the calibrator to ensure against leaks. Try Denso nozzle tips - they are quite reliable in my experience. Calibrating the injection pump and not changing the nozzle tips may just give you a smoother engine performance, but not necessarily better fuel economy. Belching smoke is one of the indicators that your nozzle tips may have to be changed (if your injection pump has been calibrated well). Change your air filter also as clean air filters deliver slightly better mileage. Check your gearbox oil as yours may be running low causing more friction and poorer fuel mileage. have your turbo checked if it blowing the right amount of air or if it is stuck up. Am not a mechanic, but I maintain 2 diesel vehicles and that is usually how we maintain diesels in manila. Hope this helps.

14th Mar 2006, 20:38

Did Hyundai make a 2003 Exceed Galloper? There is one for sale, but I cannot find any information on this vehicle.

19th Mar 2006, 09:03

I bought a Hyundai Galloper in 1999. Cheap, rather good looking, great value for money. The engine is quite energetic I've even taken it all the way until around 160 km/h. The car is huge on the inside and the poor handling was solved with installing an adjustable suspension. never had any mechanical problems at all. Biggest complaint is the diesel consumption. it uses up to 15 litres per 100 km. Love the car.

18th Sep 2006, 02:41

I own the 1997 Galloper exceed, it is a wonder I must say except for two things which are the cooling system and the fuel consumption. It is a very durable car, i haven't taken iT on a safari, but on the roads it certainly stands out.

14th Jan 2007, 11:15

I understand that the Galloper's transmission & Engine are compatible and interchangeable with the Mitsubishi Montero. I have a friend in Costa Rica that just put a galloper diesel engine in a Mitsubishi Montero, so I assume you can go the other direction as well.

3rd Sep 2008, 07:28

I've owned a 1996 Galloper Exceed. Bought it new from a Mitsubishi dealership in Lebanon. I had it for 10 years. Its only problem is the gas consumption - it consumes like a V8!

Other than that, it's a very reliable SUV with an extremely SOLID body and has very good off-road capabilities... 4 things would make it a perfect car: A BIGGER ENGINE, since the 3.0 L feels weak for the 2 tonnes weight, A SUNROOF, AIRBAGS and ABS...

I sold it in 2006 and got a 1998 Galloper 2 Exceed, also 3.0 L V6...

The changes in shape are very nice, but the most noticeable change in driving is that the Galloper2 has a smoother ride and is very comfortable off-road! I tried it many times off-road and in most times it beat the 2002 MONTERO, the Infinity FX-35 the even the famous old Range Rover, on snow.

You gotta love this SUV... I even once hit a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder... you wouldn't believe me if I told you... I felt I was a rhino attaching a sheep hehe. The Galloper had minor scratches, not one bump in the body, while the Nissan had to change all his left side including its doors hehe.

GALLOPER owners... you own a TANK!!! Just don't hit a HUMMER hH1 and you'll be fine :)

For any comments or replies bigsam87@hotmail.com

11th Sep 2010, 07:33

I am using Galloper V6 3.0 petrol in Doha.

It is a 1998, green and silver color. I bought it 2nd hand for QR12,000. The mileage was 110,000.

From 2006, there have been only 4 major issues faced:

1. Radiator only needs water, I never put coolant in. It will overheat with a coolant inside (?). But with water it will work fine.

2. Clutch master pump was damaged after I changed oil in it (Dot 4. Never change the clutch oil.

3. I changed the tyres after 20,000 approx. running (2nd hand tyres cost only QR120/pce 80% as new condition here, Japanese made).

4. I have had the A/C refilled one time.

Other than that, this tank SWB 4WD is a monster. 180 BHP, 2 door, it has good A/C and runs 100-120 KMH for 40-50 kms per day. Its 4WD is also powerful.

It is a great car, up to now, September 2010. I love it.

In the Sealine Desert, wherever the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser can go, this tank can go.

Pajero, XTrail, CRV got stuck much earlier!

5 stars for the Galloper!

19th Sep 2010, 05:06

I bought a 99 Galloper Exceed 2 last June 2010 here in Riyadh for only 8,000 SR.

I changed the radiator and some minor parts. It's a good vehicle to start with. Fuel consumption is not an issue here coz it's relatively cheap. Pulling power is ample, plenty of space inside.

3rd Oct 2010, 10:19

I bought a second hand 97 model 3.0 V6 Galloper, but the computer box was defective, so I changed the engine with a 2.5 D4BF turbo. The result was also good; obviously, it's quite underpowered, considering the high speed setting of its differential, but I'm satisfied with it. One time on a highway I chased a Landcruiser VX, and it was not able to keep much distance, even when I was using 33" tires.

The body is really solid; I was able to pass through mudslides several times.

The Galloper is really very good; two thumbs up - calroni@yahoo.com.ph