1996 Toyota Corolla XL 1.3


I will never recommend this car to anyone


Radiator leaked and had to replace at 110,000 Kilometers.

Carburettor overhaul at 110,000 Km.

Suspension was worn out at 115,000 Km.

Water body leaked at 120,000 Km.

Wind screen washer button worn out around 100,000 Km.

Starter motor burned around 110,000 Km.

Master cylinder of the braking system leaked with many small holes inside it at 120,000Km (today), and had to replace the whole cylinder.

General Comments:

I have driven Suzuki FX, Suzuki Baleno, Honda City, Honda Accord, Toyota Diesel 2D during the last 15 years. I was recommended by many friends and relatives to go for Toyota when I came here last year - reasons: Reliable, easy availability of the spare parts etc. etc. Moreover, my experience with my previous Toyota 2D Diesel Sedan was satisfactory. So, I decided to go for a second hand Toyota Corolla 1996 due to obvious reasons.

But this car proved to be a headache wrapped in a small bundle. I never got appropriate pick-up whenever needed. I tried every workshop and got the carburettor almost replaced in toto, but the car simply refuses to give me the required pick up while climbing hills etc. It simply does not climb in third gear. In hot weather, when the engine is hot and running in a city traffic, moving this car on at a green traffic signal is a real embarrassment. It simply jumps, thunders and then finally moves very slowly at a very high RPM.

Reliability is considered the most valuable characteristic and a very good quality which runs with Toyota. What happened today has in fact made me write this review about my Corolla 1996. I was coming to my office on a highway at a speed of 110 Km per hour when all of a sudden another car 600 meters ahead me had to slow down. As a result, when I pushed my brake pedal my foot simply hit the floor. There was absolutely no pressure in the braking system. You can simply imagine the situation should it be a busy highway, what would have been the result. Thank God, I was alone in the car and my wife and the kid had decided to take a day off, and I was able to stop this killing machine successfully, otherwise the cause of death in my death certificate would have been written as road accident.

The car was then taken to the workshop and there was no leak in the system anywhere. Finally the master cylinder was opened apart, and we were surprised to see many small holes and dents in the inner side of the cylinder. I spent the whole day with the mechanic, looking for the new master cylinder at various Toyota dealers in the city. The price of the master cylinder is 4 times that of other models and makes if compared.

I will never accept anyone saying that Toyota Corolla 1996 has cheap spare parts available easily. No way... this is completely wrong. Compared to other cars of the same model, spare parts are expensive and it really is a pain in the neck to try to find them with the dealers.

I will never recommend this car to anyone, and I am now trying to sell this machine as soon as possible.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2003

19th Apr 2006, 18:28

Our 1996 Toyota Corolla XL is already 10 years old and still running in good condition. Maybe you bought your car from a second hand or third hand owner/owners and maybe the engine or parts of the car is no longer the original. Buy parts and accessories from the REAL Toyota service centers to determine which is the genuine or inferior parts of the car. For me, Toyota is still good.