2006 Kia Cerato


A reliable car that I would like to keep


So far everything is OK except the radiator had a crack on the plastic part of the housing - yes, the plastic part of the housing. Never ever noticed it, and needed a complete radiator replacement after 5 years.

Apart from that, everything is fine and it works like a horse, but probably I did not overload it too often. Here the life span is officially 10 years for cars, but I intend to keep it if it is still running OK by the end. Nowadays, it's hard to get a good manual gear workhorse here.

General Comments:

It's not a sparkling star, but a good workhorse - same comments from some of my friends.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2014

2008 Kia Cerato Variant 2 EX 1.6L petrol


My 1st best car I ever had


So far it's so good!

General Comments:

Outlook of the car is decent and it does not look so Asian in design, unlike the Japanese auto-makers. No wonder KIA marketed their products mostly in Europe.

By the way, interior is spacious and comfortable. The driver's cockpit is very neat and well designed. Instrument tools/panels are easy to meddle with, and the car has a great headroom for my height of 1.75m.

Best of all, the fuel consumption is very good for a 1.6L car. The furthest I can travel before the fuel indicator's light turned on was 570km, meaning I still have 8L of gas reserve. It has a big gas tank that holds 55L of gas inclusive of the reserve.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2009

7th Jun 2009, 07:40

You mentioned that your Variant 2 traveled 570km before the petrol light indicator lighted up. That's kinda hard to believe, no offence dude.

What I'm also assuming is that your V2 Cerato's petrol consumption (also considering the way you drive) is as equivalent to me driving a 1.6l Toyota with a VVT-i engine? Are my assumptions accurate to what you have said?

I'm just amazed cos I own the Cerato 2006 model and it has never passed, say 520km, before the light came up.

And I have a friend who also owns the V2 Cerato and he's quite skeptical about your claims. He has the manual BTW and you mentioned that yours is semi-auto which sounds auto to me.

Auto transmission cars use more petrol than manual usually.

16th Aug 2013, 03:37

I don't know much about cars, but I have an 09 Kia Cerato TD and my fuel light also comes on around 570km.

I get about 650km out of a tank if I use premium unleaded. And I get about 600km out a tank if I use unleaded.

26th Jan 2014, 09:05

Agree with you totally! It's the way you drive. For the record, without failure I will hit 460-480km per half tank, and not to boast, but I even hit 740km with a remaining balance of 3 litres... ;) I love my Cerato!!