1996 Nissan Micra 1.0 Manual petrol Propelled


A absolutely crappy car that Nissan calls a March!!!!


Just about everything!!!

The handling sucks big time.

1.0 petrol engine is a real real joke, there's absolutely no power at all to propel the car once it hits a 10% gradient slope.

The seats are just terrible, they are no better than toilet seats in a typical Singapore coffee shop. There's absolutely no support at all when you take hard corners and body roll is mind you, too much for comfort. I will suffer a backache if I drive for more than an hour.

The brakes sucks big time, you can't just simply slam on the brake should you encounter a road obstacle in front of you. The car will skid.

Gear lever feels as if it would break and disintegrate under hard use.

General Comments:

This is an absolutely crappy car that Nissan calls a March.

I got this car when I suffered a minor accident with my Volvo S40, the March was a courtesy car given to me by my insurance company. Thank goodness I will be getting my S40 in 1 week's time after the bumper has been resprayed.

If economy is in for you, fine!

But if you are really into performance and comfort, look for something else, definitely not Japanese. It's well known fact that Japanese cars handle like a toy cars!

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Review Date: 26th September, 2004

25th Sep 2006, 11:49

I happen to disagree about the Micra's. We have lots of different cars as well as friends and family, BMW's, Rovers, etc, etc. As previously posted the car is all for economy and fuel consumption. At the moment we happen to be upgrading to the latest model, after being so satisfied for 6 years with the particular model you are discussing! Our girl has never let us down!

Keep on going Nissan!

1998 Nissan Micra 1.0 16v


A little gem of a car. Exceeds expectations


Replaced the rear tyres. They weren't worn; they were just too old.

Did a wheel balance on 4 wheels. Judder above 120km/h. Re-aligned the wheels. I suspect the previous owner drove up a kerb too many times.

Rattle under the passenger seat (unsolved).

General Comments:

This review is for the Japanese manufactured 1998 March 1.0 16v 4 door, sold in Singapore for US$33,000 brand new (welcome to Singapore).

Cute looking exterior. Perfect for active girls. Unfortunately I'm not it.

Well appointed interior. Mine came with leather, power mirrors, power windows (4) and airbag as standard.

Seats took a while to get used to, but I'm OK now. Wish they were a little more plush and supportive.

Steering wheel and gear knob are antiseptic treated (what were those japanese boys thinking?).

UV cut glass really keeps the interior cool on a hot day.

Water repellant glass makes it seem like it's got Rain X permanently (I like this feature; makes water bead off without the need for wipers when you go beyond 110 km/h).

Goes really well in town.

Comfortable on the highway as long as it's smooth.

The car loses composure on rough surface.

Overtaking needs a bit of planning ahead.

Handles quite well on those 155 70 13 tyres, but the car will roll quite a bit.

Rear suspension is way too soft. Fine if you're alone. Pack it in, and you're going to bottom out on undulating surfaces.

Quiet interior.

Excellent brakes.

Wish the rear seat was split folding, and was able to fold flat.

Wish the interior floor carpet and boot carpet was a stronger, more robust material. It looks a little flimsy.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

24th Jan 2004, 23:23

Update on this Singapore registered Micra/March.

Its now done 107000 km and is going great. I've upgraded the wheels to 15" with Kumho 195/45/15 tyres and they stick to the road like glue. I've also added non-standard OEM spec KYB shock absorbers that make the car far more civilised and a front anti roll bar that did not come with my local spec. Car handles great.

The car is showing little signs of age, a little timing chain noise is heard on startup, and then the auto-tensioner takes up the slack. original exhaust is sounding a little louder and there is a little vibration felt on the steering wheel at idle (engine mounts?)

Have also added a Webasto canvas sunroof and the car feels like a million dollars.