1998 Nissan Stagea Autech RS260


An extremely rare diamond


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

This car is an absolute diamond, it handles extremely well, it gives plenty of feedback through the steering wheel and it sticks to the road as if the tyres were made of glue.

Performance is excellent, outraces any car - anyday. It even works like a charm in winter conditions too.

A rare car! Hard to get a hold of and impossible to get used. Perhaps a little overpriced.

Interior design however, is a little boring. The seats are OK, but the dashboard could do better with more adjustments to the steering wheel and a better looking centre console.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2002

15th May 2005, 17:03

An interesting appraisal.

I am in England and recently bought one of the three known Stagea Autechs in the UK. The road handling is impeccable although on the limit one has to learn to keep the foot down when you are sure the back end is about to go - and sure enough, the fwd kicks nicely in and and you come out feeling like a million dollars! The car is currently 'Autech-standard' except for 18" alloys.

Compared with my son's Skyline R33 GTR V-Tech, I find the front view of the Stagea rather boxy and lacking in the wing flare department. So I intend to fit a pair of aftermarket flared front wings plus a vented bonnet which should perk it up a little.

Also the latest HKS SS Sport Turbos will be the basis of an improvement in the grunt department, keeping good torque relatively low down the rev range, plus a substantial increase in power for track days. Gotta keep up with those youngsters...