29th Nov 2005, 05:41

Have just recently imported a 1996 Nissan Stagea RS Four and I honestly could say that the car is the ultimate performance wagon whilst still being the family get around. Even though the car is rather heavy, lowered with mags and exhaust it still has enough grunt to get up and go. I feel safe in knowing that you can throw it around as much as you like and it still sticks to the road. Fuel economy is rather good. Whilst body and interior may not be to alls taste, but honestly what more could you ask for. We imported our own for under $20k fully insured. Overall I would have to give the car a 3 thumbs up. Perfect family wagon...

14th Dec 2005, 06:09

I have just swapped my heavily modified Nissan Silvia for a 1996 Nissan Stagea RS Four. I must say, it is a revelation. It has Tein coilovers, a front mount and and exhaust, but is otherwise stock. It handles like a 33GTR and goes like a GTST! I love it. In the looks department, it is a bit Volvo 850 wagon, but the stunned looks from bystanders when a corner comes up is well worth it. I will use the spacious rear for my work stuff, and arrive on time, in style. Highly recommended! (especially if you need to play the "family car" angle!)

26th Dec 2005, 22:31

I am thinking of purchasing a Stagea. What sort of fuel economy are people getting? I am not much of a rev head, but I am interested in the Stagea for its value, practical shape and it stands out from the crowd. Is the later NEO engine worth paying a premium for?

4th Mar 2006, 00:00

How big is the fuel tank I'm thinking about buying a stagea myself they seem to be hard to come by in Australia. How long does it take to import one.

Thanks regards Karl.

5th Jun 2006, 00:10

If you check the trading post then you should be able to find one on the online version, they are mostly located around the Sydney area, presumably where they are imported to.

11th Jun 2006, 03:38

For more Stagea information, check out one of the largest Stagea dedicated message boards at http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/forum/82-stagea-discussion/

Stageas are a great car all round, and the only minor downfall is the pretty bad fuel economy figures, of around 400km or so to a 60L tank (RS four auto).

Good luck in the search :)

23rd Mar 2007, 03:19

Mate, check out carpoint.com.au. They have a few manual Stageas in there. The more I research these cars, the more I think I need one.

25th May 2007, 05:33

The first model Stagea (1996-98) was auto only, but came in RWD or AWD with a choice of engines from 2 litre naturally aspirated to the 2.6 litre twin turbo out of the Skyline GTR, and several in between (notably the 2.5 litre single turbo, out of the Skyline GTS-T).

The second series (1998 - 2001, the obvious difference is in the headlights) did feature a manual version of the 2.5l turbo).

From 2001 a new shape was released, with a new family of V6 engines, replacing the previous straight 6s, and a 5 speed auto (previously 4-speed) but no manual version.

They all have a great reputation for practicality, handling & reliability, as well as being something a bit different.

5th Jun 2007, 22:03

Hi guys

I have just bought a 97 rs4V Stagea with 120k in pretty good condition. These cars are virtually unknown here in N.Z. and I paid $5500.Wouldn't that ruin your day. Totally bog stock down to the Tokyo tv.

Good things do come to those who wait.

Kiwi Mick.

9th Jul 2007, 20:17

Hi! Stagea nuts.

I'm in Auckland and have just bought a 1997 Stagea automatic with a 2.5l Skyline 6cyl motor.

I'm not a rev head either, but was attracted to the good looks plus the space (my previous car was a Volvo - I know you Victorians'll laff at that).

Some questions:

1. I'd like to replace the touch screen, TV cum air con controls on the centre dash console with some functional knobs and buttons (sans TV). Is this possible and from where can I get the bits?

2. I'm keen on a manual (book) about the car that I can actually read (in English) - any advice from where?



13th Jul 2007, 16:35

Hi. There is an outfit on trademe NZ that produce English owner manuals for many Japanese cars and Stagea is one of them. I had an RS4 for a while. It went well but had rust under the wing mirrors and many certainly pre 98 have rust in that area so watch out. Wheel camber is shocking and they go through tyres rapidly, outside of tyre will look new inside may have cords showing. Whiteline in Australia have skyline camber kits that may fit since Stagea is effectively a Skyline wagon. I would consider another Stagea if the price was right. Cheers


10th Mar 2008, 04:20

Has any one used 91 octane petrol in their Stagea?


17th Mar 2008, 23:12

Guys & girls who posted above asking for help with their Stageas:

The best Stagea resource in Australia (and possibly the entire English-speaking world) has got to be the Stagea section of SAU (Skylines Australia). Check it out: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/forum/82-stagea-discussion/

Register on there and use the search tool!

25th Feb 2011, 21:28

Hi All.

I've been researching purchasing a Stagea, and am happy to provide some details/clear some things up.

There are only 2 manual models from factory.

Details of models on the Wikipedia page are here.


Here is a link to the English translation of the original Japanese page for inclusions and options by model.


Just to clear up...

They were never produced from the Nissan factory with an rb26dett. These are normally only available in the AUTECH RS260 version unless someone has done the RB26DETT conversion already before you buy it.

The AUTECH is SUPER rare, especially in the UK and Europe, but here in Aus, there are a few around, and they should be available for import as well.

For a good one, look at spending $25,000 AUD to $30,000 AUD for a really quick one if you want the AUTECH, and you buy it already imported.

The normal factory models with the RB25DET are fairly common in comparison to the AUTECH, and come in RWD and 4WD models.

The 4WD models utilise the same Active 4WD system as the GTR, and the Series 2 MC's have the R34 GTR 4WD system.

Chassis is factory strengthened, and the 4WD model drifts extremely well, and you can hold it at the limit where it's about to spin, and it just manages the power distribution so well with the front wheels, it's hard to lose it.

Great car, well priced, value for money, TONNES of boot space. Best excuse for the missus is it's a practical wagon!!!

9th Aug 2011, 01:11

Hi all, I own a 1996 RS4 Stagea. I live in NZ, and I bought it for $3000 off a old guy that didn't know its value.

It had the doors replaced and had been water proofed, so it will never rust out again. It also had the turbo reconditioned; I think I got a pretty good score if you ask me.

I grounded the boost actuator so it ran 7-8 pounds all the time instead of the 5-7, but I started having problems around 4500 rpm; it started missing. I believe this is due to failing coil packs, so when I switched it back to 5-7, it came right.

I have also just converted it to manual, and it has made it a completely different car to drive. All I can say is has been awakened!!

I highly recommend it; it's not cheap to do, but man the difference is amazing! It's a great car with 0 percent police detection, unlike my old r34. I'll never sell it!

All the best, Johan.

3rd Feb 2013, 14:14

Best advice yet. I know it's old now, but still useful. I'm about to buy an Autech Stagea 1998 manual rb26. Any advice? Comments? My email is timings@xtra.co.nz.

Thanks, Stephen.