2001 Seat Toledo 1.6


Feature rich at a bargain price


The second day after receiving my car. The front wheel bearing was either faulty or not installed properly.

I found that when travelling at around 60-80km/h, there was a loud buzzing sound. Got it fixed on the next working day.

I noticed that there are several air-con pipes, which condense and droplets of water will fall onto other parts below.

According to the mechanic, this is normal?

General Comments:

The pickup is pretty impressive, because of the torque.

The interior finishing is reasonable.

What's impressive is the feature rich interior, at such a low price. Things like cruise control, on-board computer, lights on both vanity mirrors, climate control, 12V socket in the rear boot, electric mirrors, volumetric alarm and car immobilizer were included in the package. My former BMW 318is costs almost twice as much, with not even half of the above features.

The boot is pretty impressive too, at 500 litres, which is as large as the Ford Mondeo. Great when you go on a golfing holiday!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2001

16th Sep 2001, 02:54

Hi there, I have got myself a Seat Toledo too, this year 2001, and I do not have the problems you mentioned on your review. However, I would like to confirm with you, whether your Seat has a "irritating" air ingress sound when you travel at 80km/h and above. The sound does appear to come from the air con compartment.

In addition, do you feel that your steering wheel "floats" when you speed around 100km/h and onwards? Does appear to me that the car ain't too heavy after-all.

Other than those problems I mentioned above, the car is relatively close to heaven. Great interior and of course the pickup is just great.

Hope you can share with me more about your Toledo. My email address is bang1@hotmail.com

2000 Seat Toledo 1.6 manual


Luxurious performance car at a bargain


Notchy 1st and 2nd gear, sometimes hard to engage gears.

General Comments:

Value-for-money car, where can you get a VW/Audi car at a fraction of their cost and loaded with more options?

Build quality is up there together with VW/Audi.

Comfort and handling is way much better than any Japanese car I've driven.

However, 1.6 engine is 8V tech. Should wait for the 16V version. Engine performance is not bad but not as fast as Japanese cars.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2001

6th Aug 2001, 16:13

I own a new diesel Toledo and I find it a truly marvellous car. Beautifully built and so far totally reliable. So many people comment about what an outstandingly good looking car it is. My car is Indigo blue.