25th Sep 2001, 04:16

If your car floats, I suggest you check the tyre pressures, I bet that they are too high.

28th Nov 2001, 01:39

Hi there.

I am equally impressed by the performance of the Seat Toledo, but I daren't say the same of the agent.

It's been 1+ month since I paid my deposit, but the agent is nowhere near bidding a COE successfully. I opted to get the package with a $15k COE rebate (the cheapest!), and the company is now pressurizing me into topping up for a higher COE bid.

Out of curiosity, did anyone of you encounter this problem when you signed on the dotted line?

I'm wondering ... is this the agent's strategy of getting me to pay more for the car after I've been hooked?

1st Dec 2001, 23:16

I'm considering a Toledo as well, but it makes me wonder if this car is that good, why is it still unpopular in Singapore? Is it due to unfounded concerns or a lack of publicity or other reasons?

9th Dec 2001, 16:09

I own a Toledo and am wonderfully pleased with it. Most people don't know just how incredibly good it is. I have done almost 53,000 miles in it, and the car has been totally reliable. Not even the slightest vibrations, rattles or squeaks. It is also a lovely looking car. It is so comfortable to drive. The diesel is incredibly economical. So many people remark on how lovely looking my Toledo is.

23rd Jan 2002, 03:20

I sympathize with the person 2 messages up. I also opted for the cheapest COE rebate package for my Toledo 1.8. That was 3 months ago. The 6th unsuccessful COE exercise has just passed, and the $5020+ difference in bid price has been contributed mostly by my top up of 5k!! The agents here in Singapore really do not seem to be keen on compromising on their margins - no wonder they're not selling well.

Such a shame - I loved the car when I test drove it. I think I'll have to look around for a second-hand Passat / Mondeo instead...

25th Jul 2002, 09:18

I have driven the Toledo, Bora, and A4 (1.6litre). Except for the obvious difference in cabin build quality (1st A4, 2nd Bora, 3rd Toledo) all cars handle equally well as they share a similar engine. The build quality of the Toledo I would say is on par with Opel cars. is There is a big price difference among the 3 cars in the same order, the Toledo being almost 30K less than the Bora. The Seat Toledo is not selling well in Singapore probably because many locals are not aware that the 3 makes share the same engine, and the problems & image of earlier models are still firmly etched in their minds.

I have also placed a deposit for the Seat Toledo with the local agent at a 'cheap price', the COE rebate at $15k. Just wondering if anyone in a similar situation managed to get their Toledo with the $15k COE rebate. No success in the COE bidding so far, first month (July '02), not unless the COE falls to $25k level, which is unlikely. So I am just waiting to get my deposit back. You can email me at pchanhp@hotmail.com, thanks.

19th Aug 2002, 05:26

I am considering buying a Toledo 1.6 (A) but a few concerns:

1) What is the fuel consumption rate for normal use in Singapore? Is it a lot more fuel consuming than Japanese model such as Toyota Corolla 1.5 or 1.6 auto.

2) Is the car reliable? Anybody who has clocked 60,000 km and can share their experience with the car?

3) How is the service quality offered by the Singapore agent, Barcelona Motor? How often does it need oil change and are spare parts readily available and are they expensive as compared with Japanese model?

4) How is the resale value in Singapore. Is it relatively easy to sell it should I find it very expensive to maintain and operate at a later stage?

Thank you.


8th Sep 2002, 15:35

I bought my Toledo TDiSE new and now I have done almost 65,000 miles with the car. It is totally reliable, never even the slightest rattle, squeak or vibration. It is beautiful looking. I cannot recommend this car enough. I love driving it!!

31st Jan 2003, 09:19

I am Seat Toledo owner since Feb 2001. It is a reliable car, and I like the performance.

As for the car parts, it is easily available from a list of suppliers. Furthermore, they share the same parts from the Volkswagen family. For example, I bought the wiper, which is the same as a Bora, and it cost 30% less than the agent's price.

XinZhong at Lavender Street provides a good range of spare parts.

There is a list of service shops if you feel that the agent price is too steep.

31st Jan 2005, 17:20

We have also just purchased a Year 2002 1.6l Toledo with Automatic gears. It has been great so far, and we are glad that we have purchased this (more characterful car) over the more 'conventional' cars available here in Singapore.

Only grouse so far, is that the Automatic Gear Lock sometimes doesn't disengage, even when the foot brake is fully depressed. Anyone faced the same problem and what was the remedy?

Does anyone also know who the new distributor is over here? Seems like Seat has this problem not only in Singapore, but also in other countries, which is a bit of a pity.

Also any good mechanics to recommend for this otherwise very well equipped, handsome, economical and (relatively) punchy car?

Thanks in advance!

8th Jun 2006, 08:14

My Toledo 1.6 Auto is now 4 years old, still runs beautifully. To the person who asked about good mechanics in Singapore for this model, at least one of the former senior technicians from Barcelona has stayed on at CAS Sin Ming. He helped me diagnose and correct the infamous fuel-sensor problem (sudden stalling, unexpected revving). That was more than 1 year ago, no problems since. For details: ngwpp@yahoo.com.sg.

18th Jan 2009, 10:55

I own a 2002 1.6 SEAT Toledo. I bought it in 2006 with 50,000 on the clock, I have it two and a half years and there is now 110,000 on the clock. Starts first time every time, drives perfectly, never burnt a drop of oil, feels solid on the road no rattles low road noise (and Irish roads ain't too smooth) and even though I drive moderately hard it's easy on petrol. If I had to fault it it would be resale value I suppose.

NOTE: I did service it myself every 6,000 miles with semi synthetic high mileage oil.

23rd Mar 2009, 09:03

I just bought a year 2000 toledo 1.9 tdi. It has over 200,000 miles but is still going strong! There is one niggling problem though - when driving around right-hand bends, even slight bends in the road, there is a rumbling sensation that comes through the car. I notice it more at speeds around 60mph.

Both drive shafts have been changed and made no difference. The ball joint was also replaced, and shocks too. The car just went through MOT test, so this seems to eliminate the chance of the problem being a track rod end or something as obvious as this.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?