2001 Seat Toledo SE 1.9 TDI from UK and Ireland


Don't buy one


New turbo charger at 117,000 miles.

Three air mass meters.50,000/80,000/110,000 miles.

New clutch and fly wheel.82,000 moles.

Water pump.116,000 miles.

Complete suspension system.90,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is my second Toledo, and all I can say is they have both been unreliable.

My first car had two cats one at 40,000 and one at 90,000 miles. Engine had three new valves as these had been burnt. It also had two air mass meters.

Both cars are great to drive, hold the road very well, they are nice to drive on long journeys cruise control is great.

Very good on fuel around town 40 mpg on a run 50 plus.

Its just some bits let the car down, door seals the key fobs stop working after a while.

To look at the car looks great, but I wouldn't buy another one.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2007

1st Jan 2008, 15:51

I think it's only to be expected that things are going to start going wrong at the mileage your car has done, and therefore it is probably a little unfair to condemn Toledos out of hand. You bought the car at 78,000 miles (which is slightly above average mileage for a 2001 model) in 2007 and at the time of your review, you'd done 118,000 miles, still in 2007. All in the space of one year, (let's say for arguments sake); that's 40,000 miles which is very high usage. If you've had it less than a year and you've done 40k, that is going some. Additionally, the service intervals on these is only 10,000 miles. Have you had it regularly serviced? Like all VW/Audi products, they have to be serviced at the proper intervals, although Seat servicing costs are pretty hign, but nowhere near VW/Audi.

You owned a Toledo before this one, and seemed to have trouble with that one as well. Yet you bought another one, so you must have thought it worthwhile to buy another one.

The door seals seem to be a problem more on the Leon, but I have read that a few Toledo's are also affected. Apparently, it seems that the seals on the Leon and Toledo are different designs or materials (on the early models at least).

The key fob. I know it's a daft question, but have you tried changing the battery? Mine was replaced in January last year, and it's just starting to run down again. They don't seem to last that long on these I will admit to you.

I've got a 2000 Toledo. It's fair to say mine is a lot lower mileage than yours, and admittedly I don't rack up the same distances that you do. As yet I haven't encountered the same problems. I've had a few little hiccups here and there, mainly electrical, plus I had to have a new set of front discs due to mine being gouged through fair wear and tear. I still love the car.

I agree with your comments on it being a nice drive, but you say it gives very good fuel economy, but then mark it a mere 2 out of 10.

I think it says a lot for the Mk2 Toledo's reliability and driver satisfaction that yours is the first truly bad review out of all on this site covering this particular model.

All I'm saying is that with such high mileage, things are obviously going to start wearing out, even if they are essentially German-made. Also, it depends if any replacement parts on your car are genuine manufacturers parts or clones. Copies never last as long, but I'll admit, genuine parts are never as easy on the wallet. Swings and roundabouts.

Anyway, I wish you luck with it, and if you decide to get rid and do decide to buy another Seat, fingers crossed for third time lucky.

Try www.seatcupra.net

Well worth joining (it's free). These guys are pretty helpful when it comes to all things Seat related.

2001 Seat Toledo V5 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Absolutely Stunning Car!


Only had the car for 2 months. So far nothing at all, everything seems to work perfect.

General Comments:

This car just oozes quality as soon as you open the drivers door. Everything feels strong, well made and the seats are a delight of leather and alacantra.

Like other cars in the VAG group there are nice touches like the damped grab handles and cup holders, climate control, speed sensing stereo that increases the volume as the car goes faster, multi disc CD changer, Headphone sockets in the rear, electric folding mirrors, Electric seats with memory the list just goes on.

I have found the car to be very comfortable long journeys. Switch on the cruise control, pull the central armrest down and relax to the quiet purr of the delightful V5. Even the rain is no problem, switch on the rain sense wipers and they adjust to any necessary speed to keep the windscreen clear. Even driving at night is fun, the warm glow of the red lit dash is awesome and the auto dimming rear view mirror works a treat.

Performance wise this car is good, but no match for the big boys, but then you don't really need to drive it fast. It has plenty low down torque so 5th gear can take you from 30MPH to 140MPH (claimed) making it a real stylish cruiser. It certainly hits the UK national speed limit very quickly and with no fuss at all so you have to be wary of your speed. It also seem to get even quieter the faster you go and there is no evidence of wind noise. Only some noise from the budget tyre's currently fitted to mine are evident.

Handling is crisp and there is good feedback through the leather steering wheel. Gear-change is smooth, but the reach is a little long to be considered sporty. If pushed hard there is some noticeable body roll on the twisties so not quite as much fun as my previous ZS 180.

Fuel economy is fine as long as you don't expect much above 30MPG, the on board computer relates speed and mpg to a reasonably accurate degree.

The boot is huge and overall this is a very practical car for a family who can travel in comfort and reach their destination relaxed. This was what I looked for when I changed my car and the Toledo delivers big style.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2007

5th Nov 2008, 07:28

A year on from purchasing this car and still enjoying it very much. The only problem I have encountered in that time was one of my coils pack failed, a very common problem on VAG engines I believe. Cost £230 from the dealers to have them all replaced (V5 = 5 new coil packs) for piece of mind. Would still recommend this car as a great everyday motor and you can pick them up dirt cheap now.

If you are thinking of buying one look out for water leaks from the door seals. I've not had this but it does seem to be quite common. Also MAF's and Coil Packs are the most likely engine failures. Nothing much else to worry about.