2001 Seat Toledo Sport 1.9 TDI 110 bhp from Belgium


The perfect mix between a family car and a muscle car


Absolutely nothing. The car is still in mint condition.

General Comments:

This car absolutely fabulous.

At this point I can't find any major point in which the car has let me down.

Although it could use some more head and leg room in the back.

It's performance is astonishing. I already left some BMW and Mercedes cars in a puff of smoke. The VW-technology has really pushed this car beyond its limits.

Cheap in running costs. Fuel consumption will be extremely low even if you have right foot made out of lead.

The leather steering wheel feels sporty and is fully adjustable to the position you want it to be.

Seats offer fantastic support and you won't get out of your car broken if you drive it for several hours.

Don't buy a VW Bora that is more expensive and looks extremely dull. Try the Seat Toledo and be amazed.

I know I was... I still am!

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Review Date: 10th June, 2001

1st Aug 2001, 03:48

I own a new Seat Toledo V5 and although slightly less economical than the TDi, I completely agree with this review. The Toledo is extremely rewarding to drive, much more so than a VW, more affordable to run long term, and is nicer to look at.

26th Nov 2001, 17:47

I own a Seat Toledo TDiSE, it is a fantastic car and my "indigo" blue Toledo is one of the best looking cars on the road. It also has been totally reliable so far. Such a comfortable car to drive. It is a much better looking car than the VW Bora.

5th May 2003, 08:01

You can't beat the bora stop trying.

1st Dec 2003, 17:24

I own a SEAT 1.9TDI Sport I agree with the other revues, in terms of robustness it's a very good car. Mine already with 65000Km and no problem. Visits to the mechanic only on the normal Seat Service mileages for revision. Until now I've only spent money on Gas, oil and filters :)

A great car.

21st Dec 2004, 16:08

I am on my second Seat, it's a Leon.

It came with the windscreen washers pointing in the wrong direction and the headlights pointing at the ground. I fixed these myself. The big problem was the radio, I ordered an AM radio, the car came with an FM radio and the dealer replaced this with a more expensive model, (aura), I paid the extra. The radio was no good from day one, it crackled in dry weather and I could stop the crackling only by applying the handbrake or the footbrake, this worked for a time, but eventually it started crackling again.

I had the car to the dealer six times, he replaced the antenna a few times and said he replaced the radio (which he did not), he lost the code so when he removed the radio it would not work just as I wanted to go on holiday!!

The Importer was not much help, I asked for a refund of money on the radio, but I can get this only when I buy another new Seat.

You have been warned.

2001 Seat Toledo V5 (170 BHP) 2.3 from UK and Ireland


An affordable luxury sports cruiser


The car is still very new, nothing has gone wrong except that the lid of the front central arm rest rattled. This was rectified by myself by removing the locking catch.

There is a minor vibration coming from the rear passenger seat, but nothing major, nothing that can't be lived with.

General Comments:

The car is very quick and makes a beautiful warbling noise on acceleration.

Economy is not all that great - accelerating in 1st or 2nd gear achieves 5 to 10 mpg, however sensible motorway cruising can get 28 to 35 mpg.

There's plenty of grip at all times and the standard features are great - such as auto wipers and dim mirrors which are both very useful on the motorway.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001