15th Jan 2008, 01:18

Yes, do tell us why you bought another Seat please. If you want reliability go for an Impreza, forget fuel economy.

19th Jan 2008, 04:42

I'm telling you man, get rid of it. Seats are rubbish. I know a guy who's seat is always having to be repaired, and he's always thinking about getting a different car, you know like a Honda Accord or something due to their reliability.

19th Jan 2008, 12:33

Of course you're entitled to your views, but with the greatest of respect.....

You cannot compare a Toledo to an Impreza or vice versa. They are both two completely different entities, with two both totally different performance ratings. Both cars are built to completely different specs (one is four wheel drive for a start).

Japanese cars- reliability? Absolutely, but......

Name me ONE Japanese car that looks even remotely interesting.

Japanese cars are renowned for their reliability, and Imprezas/Evo's are thrilling to drive, but take all that fancy body kit off, and what are you left with? A very quick, but very soulless, functional looking car (which is why all Japanese cars look like Korean cars and vice versa). The problem is, that they cannot body style for zip (Toyota Avensis, Nissan Primera, Honda's Jazz, Accord, Civic. Even the Mazda MX5 looks, well, Japanese).

One reason I would never buy a Japanese car... it might hardly ever go wrong, but interesting? No way... send me to sleep. The Honda Civic (even the Type R) looks exactly what it is- a functional tin box. And what's with all the glass at the front of the latest one? Sorry, but looks a little too 'Star Trekkie' for me. Why do ALL Far Eastern cars have that certain functional 'Oriental' look about them? At least the Italians show some flair (even if their reliability and/or build quality might not be up to much at times).

The only car the Japanese ever made that was even attractive was the Toyota 2000GT, and that by the way, was designed and styled by a German born American.

My friend bought a new Impreza. He had nothing but trouble with it. After six months, shouted defeat, and got rid after a battle with the dealer. He bought an Audi S4- he's much happier. I also know someone who drives a new Honda. She hates it ("Boring" in her words).

At least the Mk2 Toledo looks a little different and is something more off the wall than the usual Leons you're likely to see. I have to agree that the Mk1 Leon doesn't look all that nice at the back though (looks like a Toledo that's been smacked up the arse).

If you want reliability, buy Japanese. But if you do, and you want to stand out in the crowd, forget it (or get yourself a body kit and a very loud paint scheme). Call me fickle, but the initial thing that attracts me to a car, is whether (to me) it looks nice. I get into the minutiae of whether it's reliable or not afterwards.

When the Japanese finally design and build a car that looks anything other than a bland plasticky four wheeled box, then I will change my mind.

Sorry to rain on your parade(s)...... ;)

One VERY HAPPY Seat Toledo driver.

2nd Oct 2008, 06:44

I have a Mk2 Toledo TDI 110 SE and am very very happy with it. I bought it late Jan 08 at 71000 and it's just through 93000 with only a wheel bearing and a set of tyres changed so far. I do have it serviced every 10000 and have averaged close to 58mpg over the whole period I have owned it. Would I buy another? Yes, absolutely.

16th May 2009, 07:41

I have to say I have had my Toledo 1.9 TDI SE for 8 months now, and it's been a whole heap of trouble! I love the car to drive, and I bought it to save money on journeys to the airport, but have had to change the clutch, front brakes and discs, and a cooling system problem (still ongoing) where it seems to over heat and pressurise on long journeys... and also just pressure up when cold. I am confused with what it is as the forums seem to think water pump? But it seems to be pumping water round? Or radiator blocked? Some say head or gasket, but also say that is very rare with these engines? So now I am stuck with a car I cannot take on long journeys and is costing me money, which defeats the object of getting it! Any help would be appreciated?

13th May 2010, 18:29

"Seems to over heat and pressurise on long journeys."

Have you tried taking the thermostat out?

20th May 2010, 19:43

Toledo SE 1.9 TDI; yes, do buy one.

Mine has been fine. I am very happy with her.

All cars have faults, but if you look after your car, you will be fine.