1993 Fiat Uno Fire 1.1


Awesome, great car for a runaround or business


Had the car for some years, and bought it from a family that let it sit for almost two years.

Head gasket twice at 150000 and 220000.

Brakes seem to be an issue, seeing that it's hard to find anti-rattle clips that actually fit.

Front brake discs rust very quickly.

CV joints on both sides; I have replaced twice. CV boots do not have a long life, and crack easily.

Fuel pump (manual) needed to be replaced, and couldn't use a pirate part; had to get one from the agent.

Shock bushes replaced first at 130000, and again at 240000.

Windscreen wiper motor packed up, and I only have one speed. This was replaced twice.

I was plagued with electrical issues until I replaced the coil and had the distributor modulator customised. Since then it's been like a dream.

Spark plug cables do not last long, and need to be checked at every service.

Radiator is not very good; went through two; seems that they crack after a certain amount of use.

Plagued by oil leaks from the engine. It seems that the threads of the block get worn, and the bolts can't turn correctly 200000km. Had this customised to stop this.

Front driver's wheel bearing replaced at 160000, and passenger side at 190000.

Sensors get worn at about 180000. This was replaced, but the quality is not the same and they break easily.

Back brake cylinders wear out at about 160000. Had both replaced in case.

Door handles and door panels wear out because of wear and tear.

General Comments:

I know it seems that I have been overwhelmed, but this is not true. It's the most economical car I have ever had, the interior is awesome if maintained correctly, I have really made use of this car, and I am quite a rough driver

The car handles great, and I get about 900km to a tank on the highway. I used to be on the road for work a lot, and on average did 5000km business a month and about 2700 personal.

Also keep in mind that this is on South African roads, which are not up to scratch, so most of the suspension issues are due to that. Even though I have done so much work to the car, I can't see myself selling it. It still has some oil leaks, which need to be seen to.

This car is awesome for those that have a tight pocket, also seeing that I paid ZAR12000 for it. I suggest this model to anyone.

As I said, most of the work done is wear and tear due to the usage and bad roads, but the coil, distributor modulator and fuel pump are known factory issues here.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2013

1996 Fiat Uno Cento 1.0


Second hand car, expect second hand service


Failed roadworthy.

CV boots fitted, broke soon after fitting of a new one.

Clutch needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

I like the car, but I just can't handle all these problems that are popping up so soon after I bought it.

The clutch replacement quote is R3 300 ($450 or £250 or €300). Does anyone think that's too much?

Anyway, some forums say that I should be getting +-20km on a litre. I get about 17km and would like to know if that's OK, or can I get closer to that 20km mark?

I bought the car for R13500, and spent R4500 fixing the damn thing.

Otherwise, it drives well and is quite nippy. The seats suck though. I like the amount of space it has. I must say the bodywork of my Uno compared to the general Uno's I see is excellent. I wouldn't mind keeping the car, but I would like to get a 1,4 CITI GOLF aka Golf mk1.

Fuel consumption is good though. From a 40 litre tank I get about 500km, and that's with very fast driving and city roads.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2011

13th Jun 2011, 03:45

Well the clutch ended up costing R 3700/ 380 euros/ $545. Plus the mechanic said my rear shock mountings are broken. So I need to fix that as well.

So far my car has cost R14000 + R 1000 for CV joints and boots + 3900 for clutch and handbrake fix. The total cost is R19000 / $2800 / 1950 euros.

I'm so broke this month it's not even funny. After the clutch the car drives wonderfully though. :)