1995 Hyundai Scoupe GT 1.5 turbo


Sleek affordable sports car


The exhaust manifold gasket had to be replaced.

Front hubs and wheel bearings replaced.

General Comments:

Amazing car with matching handling and very good performance.

Big modifications to happen early next year, then she's going to run away from just about anything.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004

28th Dec 2005, 04:44

I love the Scoupe. If it's anything like my dad's Accent it's worth every cent. You're lucky to have found a good one. I've been looking for years and still can't find a good example. I've only seen a few bad looking ones for under R30000. Not worth it.

5th Feb 2006, 10:23

Make sure he fills up the gas tank before you take delivery.

Cos on a Scoupe, that doubles the value of the car.

20th Sep 2006, 16:28

Hi there, I have had my RED DEVIL now for 8 years it is only up a year ago that I have done changes to it, I have added a set of 17" rims, dropped the suspension and Tinted the windows, and I must say it looks damn fine, my next is to mod the engine and brakes. mail me for more info mygturbo@hotmail.com.