1987 Jaguar XJ6 3.6


If you buy, check the tyres!


I also had the faulty bulb lights, and sometimes the coolant low one would come on. I would check the coolant and it was fine.

Always had anti-lock brake failure light up, door handles wore out quickly, rubber seals started to fail, boot leaked, and the speakers were shot.

Windscreen intermittent setting would always stick with the wipers half way across the screen (had the motor repaired 5 times).

My double kick down needed repairing to improve acceleration.

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM, AND THE REASON I GOT RID WAS... the tyres, the price of new tyres. Only one manufacturer makes the 230/55R390 ZR SP2000E tyre, and that is Dunlop, and they are the only tyres which will fit, the rim is roughly 15.35 inches! They are R4700 each or 370GBP, they are expensive, and also the new SP2000 are very loud on the road, very soft; the original SP100 were much quieter.

General Comments:

I enjoyed the Jag, I enjoyed driving it; it was comfortable, stylish, a nice place to be, but those tyres, I traded mine in, and to this day I don't think the salesman realises that XJ6 tyres are expensive.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2012

6th Jul 2014, 19:34

Did you not think about getting wheels that were able to use normal tyres? They are pretty easy and cheap to get - then you can run normal budget tyres...

8th Sep 2015, 11:29

Using different wheels is OK IF they are the same size. If they are different, it will throw your speedometer off.

21st Nov 2016, 01:10

The wheel size is unimportant, it's the size of the tire that controls the speed and speedometer reading. You can get any size wheel that accepts a tire with the same diameter as the original.

1983 Jaguar XJ6 XJ Series 3 4.2 fuel injection


The best XJ series of the bunch!


I had piston slap.

Timing chain tensioner came loose.

Ignition amplifier gave up the ghost.

A few things went on the fuel injection system.

Recently threw out old engine, replaced with a new refurbished unit.

Besides the actual block, everything now is brand new.

Put in custom camshafts.

High comp. pistons.

It already had a custom Electronic Computer unit fitted - really beefed up performance.

Modified air-meter.

K&N air filter.

Exhaust branches fitted.

Gas flowed, and ported head fitted.

General Comments:

Always loved the XJ6 series 3.

The cars acceleration now is great, really a super-saloon now.

It is fun, and turns heads wherever I go.

The car has a very lively exhaust sound now, so you cannot sneak up on anyone.

Would like to take it to a dyno shop to see what power it now pushes out.

This is not a drag car, but rather an enjoyable high-way tourer.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2007

1980 Jaguar XJ6 Series II Executive 4.2




Wiper Motor

Automatic Gearbox

Automatic Enrichment Device.

General Comments:

One of the best that you can own. All the negatives forgiven after just 5km drive.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2005

4th Nov 2010, 10:59

I also own a '8O Executive and a '71 Series One. I agree the cars are very elegant in appearance and reasonably reliable. The car is great when running properly and has a huge fan base. But neither car is quite in the league reliability wise with the '75 Ford Granada Coupe and '72 Merc 280 SE that preceded these Jags in my life. Ford and Mercedes I would and did go everywhere in, in absolute confidence. Unfortunately I do not have such confidence in taking the Jags too far from home.