2006 Land Rover Defender 110 CSW TD5 turbo diesel


This is an amazing 4x4 workhorse


AC unit packed up due to a faulty sensor, but was replaced under warranty.

The seals in the transfer case were leaking, but were replaced at 80,000km.

General Comments:

The Defender is an amazing off road vehicle. I work in the former Transkei region "Wild Coast" of the Eastern Cape, and the vehicle was made for the work that I do. It can pull a trailer through the toughest muck and climb where there are no roads.

In low range, the truck will literally climb a tree. It is noisy, but I find it comfortable and I'm 6'3", 195lbs.

The ABS is excellent and has worked perfectly for me on road on two emergency occasions. The traction control kicks in and does wonders for the vehicle on gravel roads.

The bench seats allow me to load myself and 8 other people, and I've had 12 when we squeezed a bit.

I've found the TD5 to be a very powerful and reliable engine platform with excellent fuel economy.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2009

4th Dec 2009, 06:34

'... excellent economy'. What are your true measured figures with and without A/C use please?

1999 Land Rover Defender td5 hard top td5 2.5 turbo diesel


Worst quality 4x4xfar


Flywheel overhaul - under warranty.

Leaks in the rain since new.

Window catches broke.

Radiator broke.

Continued overheating after radiator replaced.

Replacement of "harness" to cure overheating.

Overheating continued.

Con-rod faulty - engine needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

The engine drives nicely, but the service from the agents is terrible.

The quality of Landrover is terrible - the fact that you can see the sky through the gaps in the doors when they're closed is very unique in this market.

I'd rather walk than buy a "luxury" vehicle from landrover (e.g. Discovery)

If I ever won a Range Rover, I'd refuse to drive it out the shop!

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

18th Aug 2009, 17:02

CouldnĀ“t agree more - who makes crap like this. Had one that lasted 23 hours before total engine failure!

18th Jul 2014, 12:04

My TD5 gear box ran on less than half a cup of oil in the outback towing, got me to civilization though... just. 2 tons of beast, a bit lazy on the power side, but hey I use it for just about anything.