1999 Land Rover Defender 110 Xtream 2.5 turbo diesel TD5 from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant off road, except for the jerky accelerator. Good on road


Nothing has gone wrong, and being a Land Rover, nothing will go wrong!

General Comments:

My Land Rover Defender TD5 1999 model has a very jerky/touchy accelerator, and just seems to start kangaroo hopping at low speeds, even in 1st gear. I was wondering if anybody else has this problem with their TD5 motor?? Is it the same with all TD5's, or is it a problem with only some of the vehicles?? Is there any cure or way to fix this problem??

I have tried to let the clutch out before I start to accelerate, but that doesn't seem to work very well. Besides that, it is a superb vehicle, and I am very happy with its performance.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2006

23rd Dec 2006, 02:39

I'd say "being a Land Rover SOMETHING will go wrong"

24th Dec 2006, 16:17

Maybe something will go wrong- but not because it's a Landrover. All vehicles were made by man, down here, not "up there"!

The off-road capability is what it's all about - that's why you buy it.

24th Dec 2006, 23:36

You seem to dislike Land Rovers so why were you looking at the Land Rover Reviews!! Also the army using them means something.

7th Dec 2007, 06:25

The jerky accelerator is a problem in most turbo diesel vehicles at low speed. The sudden power curve explains this as even the most minute discrepancy in accelerator or clutch application or adjustment can make the vehicle 'jerk'.

Being a Land Rover Defender operator myself I think they are quite reliable and with proper maintainence should give you a lot of hard-working, loyal service.

6th Jan 2009, 10:34

I bought a 1999 Defender TD5 110 last year to tow a 3.5 ton load on a regular basis, and have never been so happy with a car.

It's reliable, strong, dependable and fun to drive, and different than anything I've ever owned. With all the speed limits around now, it's quite capable of flowing around in regular traffic.

The only thing that has gone wrong is a winker bulb, and I enjoyed that most because all it takes is a new bulb and a screw driver to change it. No need to lose half your arm and fingers dabbling around from the inside of a car wing.

On the long run it's proving cheaper than owning a small car and paying somebody to trail my boat around, so I'm very happy.

I'm always surprised at peoples very negative remarks about my Landy, and of Land Rovers in general, but then again, if they don't have the use for such a work horse, then why do they bother !?

It's the best trailer car I've had in years. To the point and effective.

1999 Land Rover Defender TD5 2.5 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A superbly reliable and capable family off-road tourer


Slight oil leak from the cylinder head down the engine management loom to the computer box under the driver's seat.

Slight clutch judder (probably caused by severe use in the bush).

Replaced the turn indicator at 110000.

Replaced a leaking rocker cover gasket at 70000 km.

Replaced a broken UV joint at 82000 km.

General Comments:

Reliability has been tremendous and we regularly head into the bush with confidence.

In absolutely standard form, with BFG mud tyres fitted, I have only bogged twice in about 25000 km of off road driving, which includes some of the severe tracks in the Victorian High Country in Australia.

On road handling very good with Bridgestone AT's, considering the mass of the vehicle.

Average fuel consumption (all cycles) is 10.36 l/100km, worst 13.4 l/km in deep sand driving (low range, diff locked most of the 120 km route), best 8.65 l/km on a day of gentle cruising.

Fording ability not too good due to location of computer and fly by wire pedal electronics.

Bottom door seals are rubbish.

Heater box fills up with water in deep river crossings if you forget to tape the intake up, but the heater fan works fully submerged, so that's a bonus if you want to pump water into the cabin.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2003

4th May 2005, 22:07

Hi, Can anyone comment on using a D90 for mainly on road use. Is it something you just get used to IE. The long throw shift and heavy handling etc. I am quite obsessed about owning one, and do head off to the Victorian High country two to three times a year. I also own a Disco 2003 model and am sick of damaging it as my this is our family car. Any comments current owners care to make regarding the day to day live-ability would be appreciated.



1999 Land Rover Defender td5 hard top td5 2.5 turbo diesel from South Africa


Worst quality 4x4xfar


Flywheel overhaul - under warranty.

Leaks in the rain since new.

Window catches broke.

Radiator broke.

Continued overheating after radiator replaced.

Replacement of "harness" to cure overheating.

Overheating continued.

Con-rod faulty - engine needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

The engine drives nicely, but the service from the agents is terrible.

The quality of Landrover is terrible - the fact that you can see the sky through the gaps in the doors when they're closed is very unique in this market.

I'd rather walk than buy a "luxury" vehicle from landrover (e.g. Discovery)

If I ever won a Range Rover, I'd refuse to drive it out the shop!

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

18th Aug 2009, 17:02

CouldnĀ“t agree more - who makes crap like this. Had one that lasted 23 hours before total engine failure!

18th Jul 2014, 12:04

My TD5 gear box ran on less than half a cup of oil in the outback towing, got me to civilization though... just. 2 tons of beast, a bit lazy on the power side, but hey I use it for just about anything.