2001 Land Rover Freelander V6 petrol


Biggest loser, financially and mechanically


Gear box failed to changed gears, slipping, jumping gears. After 4 attempts at repairing gear box, and still being dissatisfied, the manufacturer replaced gear box at end of warranty period. 6 months later, the prop shaft has broken. Manufacturer agreed to pay 45% of cost. This problem relates to the broken gearbox, and I feel the manufacturer is responsible. Without my permission or knowledge, the dealer returned the vehicle to me without the prop shaft, saying that they had not repaired my vehicle. It was only a week later that they phoned me to tell me that the prop shaft was in fact still in their workshop. Is the vehicle safe to drive?? What effect does this have on the vehicle?? It is now also making a whistling sound. There should be some international law that protects consumers. This is an investment that has cost an enormous amount of money, and because of it's reputation, no other motor sales dealers want to accept this vehicle. I have been offered half of it's book value. It is criminal that a company can get away with eroding our assets at such a level.

General Comments:

The Freelander has serious manufacturing problems.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2005

10th Jun 2005, 07:57


I am experiencing similar problems with my freelander, warranty runs out soon. I feel it's time to consider get other car, thank you for your input.



Victoria, Australia.

19th Sep 2005, 03:41

My free lander has just started to make a clunking sound when it changes into third gear at low revs. Is this how the gearbox problems start.

Regards Mike Temperley.

1999 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 turbo diesel


A bottomless pit!


Engine blew at 101 000km due to over-fueling just after a major service at 100 000km. Overhauled the engine completely. Warranty expired at 4 years and 100 000km on the engine. landrover refused to pay. Landrover stripped the engine and gave me a report on the cause of failure. Cost of stripping and report was R2800.

Turbo required replacing at the same time. Cost R6 000 for a new turbo (not at Landrover agents).

Radiator leaked at 108 000km. Had it repaired at a radiator specialist who charged R800 as opposed to the R3500 that Landrover wanted to replace the radiator.

Sunroof has always leaked. No use fixing it, it will just keep on leaking.

Gasket by the turbo went and had to be replaced again at 114 800km.

Plastic cover around prop shaft at the front broke and allowed dirt to get in which lead to wearing of the connector. Will cost R6000 to replace.

General Comments:

This car is a true tragedy.

It drives well, is comfortable on main roads and off-road and would be perfect if It didn't constantly break down and cost me an arm and a leg.

Its been very capable off road. When we do use it offroad, it is used on heavy beach sand roads and the traction control and permanent 4 wheel drive perform well to manage these conditions.

It could have done with just a few more mm of clearance though.

When looking for a 4x4, Landrover were very quick to try and sell me one and assured me that it was an "extremely reliable" car. I bought the car privately. Big mistake, because if I'd bought it form Landrover, I would have insisted on an extended warranty.

Landrover sympathy has been non existant and I was highly disappointed with the backup given by them, even though technically, the car was out of warranty. The car had a full service history with Landrover agents with services every 5000km as opposed to the recommended 10 - 15 000km.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2004

1999 Land Rover Freelander 5 door 2.0 diesel


A prime lemon


Total loss of power fault - fixed on the 3rd attempt, after one dealer told me "just take your foot off the accelerator when it does this"!

Air-conditioner did not work from day one. Still was not fixed when I sold the vehicle in February 2000 - after taking it to 4 different Land Rover dealers.

One fuse kept on blowing continuously.

Hill Descent Control stopped working.

Motor on rear and front electric windows jammed open a few times.

Sunroof rattled.

Left front inside wheel arch kept falling off.

Power steering made a high-pitched screeching noise. New hydraulic pipes were on order when I sold the vehicle.

Tyres were wearing down very fast. The manual states that the pressure should be 2.1 bars. A service bulletin was sent to all dealers stating that the tyres should be inflated at 1.8 bars and not 2.1! No one contacts existing customers to tell them.

General Comments:

The quality of the Freelander leaves much to be desired but what is most disgusting is the attitude of Land Rover. My letters and phone calls went unanswered, the staff lied to me, the quality of diesel was blamed, my letter to Land Rover UK was answered after 5 weeks and was simply referred to the customer service department of Land Rover SA, and it would seem the technical staff are incompetent as faults were seldom fixed on the first attempt. The marketing director would simply delegate my problems right down the line & they would end up back where they started - with the uncaring dealer.

I wanted the dealer principal to take the Freelander back and cancel the deal but instead he tells me: "I am a business man and have to look after my interests"! It would seem that Land Rover are focused on short-term sales instead of long-term brand loyalty.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2001

18th Apr 2001, 15:52

"Total loss of power fault - fixed on the 3rd attempt, after one dealer told me "just take your foot off the accelerator when it does this"!"

I think I may have the same problem with my car's engine, at 23000km?! I would be very interested to hear from you how it was fixed.