28th Oct 2005, 18:42

Freelander 1.8 EFi. Gearbox failed after 180,000 miles. Not bad considering the mileage. Yorkshire. UK.

23rd Mar 2006, 03:55

We just spent NZ$6,000 replacing the gear box of our 2001 Freelander with only 33,000km on the clock. What a joke. LEMON +

7th Jul 2006, 07:25

The freelander front prop shaft has an irreplaceable rubber boot. I have been adviced to purchase a new front shaft at great cost because of this. Any ideas how to overcome this problem?


17th Jan 2008, 12:19

I bought a 3-year-old 33,000 mile freelander TD4 a year ago from the local Land Rover dealer with a one-year Landrover assured warranty. 10 days after warranty ran out, a transmission whine started and the dealer says a bearing has gone in the gearbox. But Land Rover dealers are not allowed to repair the gearbox so a new one must be fitted at a cost of £1400. As warranty has expired no-one is interested in helping.

Land Rover Customer service is not interested although I've been a loyal LR customer for 15 years, including two Discoveries bought new. My total LR mileage adds up to about 400,000.

LR Customer services says that if the Freelander had been in warranty when I had bought it, they might have been able to help as they can assist customers after their manufacturer's warranty has expired. But as the Freelander was just a month out of warranty when I bought it they can't help!

So DON'T buy a Land Rover that is out of warranty. Better still, NEVER buy a Freelander as they have transmission problems that can cost you a lot of money.

26th Dec 2008, 08:15

I bought a 2001 2.5l petrol Land Rover Freelander from Japan (used car). After six months, the vehicle has been grounded because the gearbox has failed! Where can I get a new gearbox in southern Africa? I am in Zambia; a sad and unsatisfied client. Contact me at kcsikazwe@gmail.com

26th Jan 2009, 21:50

Hi everyone. I have a year 02 TD4 Freelander. I had the same problems with the auto gearbox. I replaced it with a manual one. The car is OK, the only problem is that I lost traction in the front wheels. Checked VCU, everything OK. Now they are telling me that I have to change my left front wheel shaft.

12th Feb 2015, 00:55

I have 2001 Freelander 2.0L. The lifters are making a lot of noise. What can I do?