2001 Land Rover Freelander ES V6 from UK and Ireland


A Money Pit


Uneven Tyre wear causing huge vibrations when driving at motorway speed (a common fault). Head Gasket Blew at 45,000 miles. Torque converter failed meaning a new gearbox at 50,000 miles. Engine seized at 55,000 miles.

General Comments:

The image of Land Rover drew me to this model, but since purchasing it 9 months ago I have lost £2,000 in depreciation and spent £4000 in bills which would have been in excess of £7000 had I not shopped around and bought from independents rather than Land Rover.

For a V6, the car is very sluggish. The handling is very poor around corners and kick-down from the auto-box is erratic.

Economy is very poor with 250 miles being the maximum return from a 60L fill of the tank.

Inside the cabin the driver's seat does not adjust for height and the steering wheel does not adjust for reach.

The rear seat belts are very sensitive and lock extremely easily, pinning passengers to their seats unless they are unclipped and returned back fully every time.

The reliability of the car is by far the worst of ANY vehicle I have owned. To avoid main dealer prices I looked for independent Land Rover specialists, but many will not work on the model as the number of frequent faults cause poor customer satisfaction.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2005

10th Feb 2007, 14:39

You must have got a bad car because if you take every freelander in this country there will be a TINY amount of poor cars. if you are going to buy one check condition, age, mileage, SERVICE HISTORY and if its cheap there is a reason for this.

2001 Land Rover Freelander V6 petrol from South Africa


Biggest loser, financially and mechanically


Gear box failed to changed gears, slipping, jumping gears. After 4 attempts at repairing gear box, and still being dissatisfied, the manufacturer replaced gear box at end of warranty period. 6 months later, the prop shaft has broken. Manufacturer agreed to pay 45% of cost. This problem relates to the broken gearbox, and I feel the manufacturer is responsible. Without my permission or knowledge, the dealer returned the vehicle to me without the prop shaft, saying that they had not repaired my vehicle. It was only a week later that they phoned me to tell me that the prop shaft was in fact still in their workshop. Is the vehicle safe to drive?? What effect does this have on the vehicle?? It is now also making a whistling sound. There should be some international law that protects consumers. This is an investment that has cost an enormous amount of money, and because of it's reputation, no other motor sales dealers want to accept this vehicle. I have been offered half of it's book value. It is criminal that a company can get away with eroding our assets at such a level.

General Comments:

The Freelander has serious manufacturing problems.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2005

10th Jun 2005, 07:57


I am experiencing similar problems with my freelander, warranty runs out soon. I feel it's time to consider get other car, thank you for your input.



Victoria, Australia.

19th Sep 2005, 03:41

My free lander has just started to make a clunking sound when it changes into third gear at low revs. Is this how the gearbox problems start.

Regards Mike Temperley.

2001 Land Rover Freelander 1.8 from UK and Ireland




The petrol tank has leaked

The windscreen wipers have scarred the windscreen

The head gasket has just gone at less than 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has been in and out of the garage in the three and a half years since we got it. It's been recalled twice. Now the head gasket has gone and its only just out of guarantee.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2004

26th Jun 2015, 11:58

Hi, just bought a Freelander 2001. I was not far from the seller's place when the vehicle suddenly stopped. When I checked it, I was astounded to see the horrible smoke coming out of the engine. Further to that, the water tank was boiling and car was so hot that I got scared to the point I had to call the seller, who responded very coldly advising me to wait for some time and restart it. His advice didn't work, and I left the car on highway. Walked back home and sought my wife's help to go back to the car, started it and headed towards the mechanic's workshop. I had to stop two times before reaching the workshop.

The mechanic refused to accept it and commented that he will never touch this bloody car to repair. I am a pensioner with limited pension, and have been saving $2500 for couple of years. I feel let down and ripped off. The seller knew my background in advance and obviously betrayed my trust to make these bucks. I am so sad to lose my money. No car, no money to repair it, and back to on foot again.