2001 Land Rover Freelander ES 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


Waste of money


Engine overheated repeatedly.

Oil constantly leaks into coolant and the dealer has been unable to resolve it even after several attempts.

New engine fitted at 24,000 miles after block was warped.

Frequent loss of coolant requiring refill every 200 - 500 miles. Eventually the dealer tried changing the radiator and water pump which finally seems to have fixed it, though coolant is still getting contaminated with engine oil.

Central locking failed and key locking failed at the same time leaving me unable to lock the car.

Air conditioning failed on several occasions - always on hot days of course.

Electric windows and tailgate glass wound down spontaneously while parked in a public park - lucky I wasn't robbed.

Fuel pump leaked dangerously leaving a continuous wet line of fuel on the road.

Brake caliper seized causing premature wear of brake shoe and eventual damage to brake disk.

Frequent unexplained loss of power which the dealer "repaired" by changing the prop shaft.

General Comments:

The ride is actually nice, and it has worthwhile off road capability.

However, it has been very unreliable and the performance of both Land Rover and the dealer has been dismal.

I will miss the ride, but I am looking forward to getting rid of it and buying a car that is dependable and with good service.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

2001 Land Rover Freelander TD4 ES 2.0 TD4 diesel from UK and Ireland


Excellent car if it didn't spend so much time with the dealer


Brakes, Front and back brakes have been replaced under warranty. The car has now spent almost 10 weeks in the workshop in the past 5 months with fueling problems. It has broken down 4 times with these problems.

Electric sunroof stopped working!

General Comments:

Bought the car second hand over a year ago. For the first 7 or 8 months loved the car and could not speak highly enough of it. Yeah the brakes were wearing quickly, but this was dealt with by the dealer with no problems. Then I had a problem where the car felt like it was misfiring. After a day or so of that it just stopped and would not restart. It them spent a month at the dealers why they tried to fix it.. A couple of months later it happened again. I got the back and it lasted for a week before another trip to the dealer. I have now had it back for one day and it seems to have the same problem again!

My dealer have been really good, they have done every thing that Landrover has told them, but this has not helped.

I am gutted about this as I do really like the car. It is an excellent drive, very economical, does every thing I want except work reliably.

I would definatly have bought another freelander if my one was reliable, but now I am not so sure.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2003

3rd Jun 2005, 09:23

I had the same problem with the firing. A non-main dealer identified it as a TDC unit (spark generator). The problem just started and got worse, like the old days with damp carburettor. Then it wouldn't start at all some days. Very intermittent. Replaced the unit, and no problems since. Mind you the head gasket is a different matter!!!

28th Jan 2006, 09:57

DON'T BUY This Car in the UK... my experiences with dealers was unbelievable... I had so many problems with my new ES Premium. Will never buy a Land Rover even I strike Euro Millions. Maybe I will buy their company and sack all their staffs... The worst car I have ever owned!!!

8th Mar 2010, 16:25

The electric windows are a pain, costing around £140.00 when they go, and they do go. Lookout if the one on the rear door packs in, that will set you back around £200.00.

Two fuel injectors have gone, around £300.00 each.

Now I have no problem having to replace the clutch at 98.000 miles. What I have a problem with is the cost, the cheapest quote was £1.250... with two others at £1.400 and £1.700.

It makes a very good tow car, till things start to go wrong.