2005 Opel Corsa Lite 1.4 petrol


A bad car from the start


Car pull to right side when braking heavily at 6000 km.

Left back tyre wears quickly only on inside at 6800 km.

Coolant water bottle broke / leak at 7500 km.

Driver's door window jammed at 8700 km.

Knob to open the passenger door on inside kept sliding out at 9000 km.

Coil cap and plug leads had to be replaced at 27500 km.

Timing belt tensioner broke at 34000 km.

Valves bend, new top at 34000 km.

Car just died completely after a few minutes driving at 36 700 km. You wait for an hour to restart. Drive for a few minutes, then the car goes dead again.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

5th Oct 2011, 09:28

I drive an Opel Corsa Lite (2005) in silver. Apart from the steering vibration between 95km/h and 105km/h, it's an absolute pleasure owning this vehicle. It's now done 165117kms and still goes like the day I bought it. It's a pity your Corsa has given you so many problems. My brother has one (white), my girlfriend has one (black), her best friend has one (blue), and we all agree it's a great little car.

2000 Opel Corsa Rogue 1.4


Bought a used 2002 Corsa Rogue this year, May 2010, at 134000kms.

Worked fine, no problems for about 4 months, then the headaches started.

At first, it started coughing (jerking like there was no petrol) while doing about 110km/h. This was the first warning sign. Took it in, had the fuel filter replaced (even though this was before service time). It worked well for a week, then started coughing and needed to change down to recover. This issue got more and more frequent, and then it started losing power (while driving at any speed, you would hear the revs high, but the rev counter would gradually go all the way down to zero, till the car switched off).

Had to to wait 10-30 minutes, started the car, and away it went with no problems - sometimes. At other times, it would go 300m and then it would cut out. Took it in for diagnosis and checkup, no problems found. Another mechanic who had one suggested we replace the fuel relay. This was done, car ran with no problems for 3 to 3.5 weeks, and then all of a sudden started coughing again, and losing power again. Took it to an ex Opel mechanic, and he stated the possibilities of the cause of the problem I am experiencing:

Fuel relay - This was changed - R470.00.

Idle control valve - R3200.

Mass airflow sensor - R1900.

Crank position sensor - R2800

Coil pack - R4000.

As I do not have the money to replace all of these items, I drive on the extreme left every day, waiting for the coughing, then change down and hope it kicks in again.

The coughing and losing power is like it's not getting fuel. This happens even with a full tank. It can occur just after starting up in the morning, or after 5 minutes driving, or after a day of driving.

Any Opel - car never again!!!

General Comments:

Very good car when it works properly...

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Review Date: 14th October, 2010

2002 Opel Corsa Comfort 1.4


Reliable and cheaper maintenance


Petrol pump top cracked and cylinder head damaged at 205000km, problem indeed..

General Comments:

Good on gas, head gaskets pop frequently, steering wheel wears quickly.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2009

2000 Opel Corsa Classic Sedan 1.4


Excellent small car with the space of a compact model


At 21,800 kms the car suddenly refused to start. The agents gave it a diagnostic test and reported no faults with it. Ran for another 300 kms and then began "hunting" when idling. Took it to the agents who took 7 days to report that the Electro Fuel Valve had to be replaced and rectify this.

After this was done the fault continued to plague us. The car then cut off completely one day and the AA had to tow it to the agents. The agents had it for 10 days and only after I contacted GM's Head Office here in South Africa did they finally find the problem. This time they replaced the Fuel Pump Relay and everything is now fine.

This car was made in Brazil, but utilises the same 1.4 motor that all the Opel Corsa hatchbacks and LDVs have here in South Africa.

General Comments:

Lovely small car with a large boot and 66 kws of power!

The build quality is superb, and the 14 inch wheels handle our South African potholes with aplomb.

Being manufactured in Brazil, which has similar roads and conditions to ours, has given this car wonderful roadholding and handling.

The paintwork is like new after 9 years.

Excellent value for money.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2009