2003 Opel Corsa Comfort 1.4


Nice little car, I'd buy it again!


When I bought it nothing was wrong, except at 5000km the rear wiper fell loose for which I took it to the dealer and found a screw was loose. After tightening it, I never had a problem again.

At 60000km I had a problem with the radio, the CD player tends to get stuck and does not respond to any commands, I would press "eject" and nothing would happen. Sometimes it would display "track 85" on a CD with 12 tracks. I took it to the dealer for repairs (which I paid for) but it came back with the same problem. It still does it sometimes, but I don't think I want to wait another 3 weeks it takes for it to be repaired.

General Comments:

Since this is my first car and I'm a lady, my priority has been reliability, and so far I have never been disappointed. I have never had an instance when I had to call a breakdown or when it would not start in the morning.

It has good fuel consumption, and servicing is not too expensive.

The central locking is still fine, but the drivers side lock tends to be slower than it used to be when it was new.

I like the space especially at the back, and the automatic locking at 30km/h, and unlocking when the the key is pulled off the ignition.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2006

16th Apr 2007, 23:54

I have a Opel Corsa 1.4 Twinport Manual bought in March 2004. Very improved compared with previous model. Great performance, economy. Poor rear visibility, plastic interior, noise heard from the rear couch, front ventilation mouth does not span the entire car width. This car seems to be built with cost cut in mind. Also prefer to use 95 Grade gasoline, seems susceptible to gasoline changes. One major problem : I had an oil leak at 33500 km. I changed a rubber that probably caused the problem and it appeared fixed. Now after 5 months and 5000 km more I have oil leak again. Anyone encountered the same problem?

1998 Opel Corsa 130 iE 1.3 8v petrol


Amazing little car!


- Clutch is shot, expensive to replace.

- Air conditioner's compressor doesn't work, and is VERY expensive to replace with Opel dealers (about £500).

General Comments:

I never really was a big fan of Opel/Vauxhall until I got my Corsa. It's an amazing little car with great character. It's very fast for a 1.3, and beats any other 1.3 in a straight line race, bar the Renault Clio 1.2 16V.

The handling isn't too bad either, and it has loads of standard options like electric windows, electric mirrors, air con and remote central locking (model specific though).

The car has got good build quality, but starts to rattle at about 105000 km. Interior is well laid out, but is a bit dull, with way too much bad plastic trim.

Fuel consumption is more like that of a 2 litre than of a 1.3, but does get much better when driven on the highway. The standard sound system is crap as well, and you better hope and pray that nothing breaks on the car, because parts and servicing are VERY VERY VERY expensive.

This may sound like a very negative review, but all these things add up to the character of the car. It drives well, handles well, and is very reliable (if maintained correctly). This is an amazing little car with loads to offer, and will always bring a smile to your face. I'll definitely recommend this car to anyone who might be looking at buying in the small car class!

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Review Date: 27th January, 2006

27th Mar 2006, 11:49

I just want to comment on the review that I have just read on the 1999 model of the Opel Corsa Lite. There is just no car like a Corsa Lite! I got my little Corsa just over a month ago it has more than 125000 km on and it is still going strong! The parts maybe expensive, but if one takes care of your Corsa it will take care of you. The car can go quite fast for a 1.3 and it handles like a dream! For a car that is over five years old with that much kilometers on its clock I think it’s excellent! Corsa's were made to last.

3rd Apr 2006, 05:15

In response to the comments made about the Corsa (27th Mar 2006, 11:49). I am totally in agreement. I own a 1998 Corsa Lite and have had it for almost six years now. I haven't been the greatest in terms of looking after it, but it has been extremely reliable and has never let me down. It goes like a bomb and has only experienced minor breakages. Recently, I considered buying a new car, but have decided to stay with my faithful Corsa and at present it is getting the attention it deserves. It has just had mags and new tyres put on, it's steering wheel replaced and is currently having it's electronics sorted out and will be going in for a major service. This car has definitetly served it's purpose with regards to a small car with a lot of guts. Dynamite in a small package!

15th May 2013, 10:27

I just bought a 1998 Corsa Lite 1.3. It was perfect until I sent it to get a gear lock fitted in. The anti hijack went off. My starter was giving me a problem, but once my brother replaced a terminal in the alternator (I think that's what he said), everything has just gone bonkers. The central locking went off, the immobilizer, the alarm, the hazards stopped working, inside light doesn't come on, the anti hijack has suddenly kicked in, and my indicator switch doesn't work until I press the hazard on. What on earth is happening? This is my first car and I'm lost!