2002 Toyota Corolla GLE 1.6i


Reilable but annoyingly boring


The engine light came on the day I got this car. After inspection by the dealer, the oxygen sensor had to be replaced. Total cost of R1400.

I've had to replace 3 keys already. This is the first one of the RunX shape Corollas that came out, and the casing of the keys are simply made from cheap substandard plastic. Don't bother to get a replacement key from the dealers; it's way too expensive. I discovered a few places that can cut and code keys at a third of the price the dealers will quote.

The factory fitted integrated radio/CD is rubbish. Reception is bad and Toyota refuse to investigate the problem, even though it's a Toyota product.

The rear view mirror started vibrating so badly while driving that it almost made me car sick. Again Toyota refused to have a look at it, and insisted on replacing it with a new one, quoting me R1600. I took it off, replaced the mounting and the problem is solved.

I had a break in where the small window in the left rear door was smashed and the bigger window was simply forced down. The alarm wasn't triggered as it is not equipped with a motion sensor.

I'm never looking forward to servicing the car, because for some reason I always experienced bad service at the dealers.

Front seats lack lumbar support, especially for taller people. Not very comfortable after 300km.

On the plus side, I get excellent fuel economy thanks to the VVTI engine.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2014

17th Mar 2014, 01:38

That's true, the worst thing in these cars is that they are durable, because there aren't more boring cars...

11th Dec 2014, 14:25

Durable my ass, my wife's 2002 Corolla has 300.000km on board, but with 3 engines.

2008 Toyota Corolla D4D Advanced 2.0L turbo diesel


Excellent value for money. This car definitely meets the average motorist's needs


Only changed the headlight bulbs.

The clutch on the diesels I was told is hard, and is the norm with these cars.

There was also a noise from the gearbox when you release the clutch pedal; it was diagnosed as a pilot bearing. The dealer was very accommodating, and changed the bearings in the gearbox, and fitted in a new clutch and dual mass flywheel. It's still a little hard, especially when in traffic, but I was told this is normal because it's a diesel.

General Comments:

It's my first diesel, it's a Corolla D4D, and I'm enjoying it. I like the power band when the turbo kicks in from 1800 RPM, and before you know it, you must worry about the speed traps. You can cruise at 160kms with this car and not even feel it.

This car is very spacious and comfortable for both the driver and passengers, and it has all the interior bells and whistles, leather seats, speedo, and a nice sound system. It's a luxury sedan with good performance and excellent fuel consumption.

The handling is pretty decent with the 205/55/16 tyres as standard. The braking is good as well (EBD).

The fuel consumption is brilliant; on the open road (highway) you can average 6.0L/100k.

I did a trip where I had to travel 1100km to my destination, and I managed 1050km on a full tank. I think I would have got more if there weren't so many hills and curvy roads.

Very pleased, and I think Toyota did well with this one, especially now with the high fuel prices.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2012

2009 Toyota Corolla Advance 1.3




Clutch was changed at 26500. Got it back after two weeks, and 15 minutes later an oil leak from the gearbox. Drove the car for a week, and the clutch burnt again, and a second clutch was authorised by the field technician.

The car now is sticky, especially in the morning in first and second gear. At times it feels as if it grinds in second gear as the car gets hotter while driving.

Toyota SA says after driving the car today, that it's right according to the spec., so it has to select gears like that they say. Spoken to just about everybody, and no help. The car is still doing the same thing. A courtesy vehicle I drove does exactly the same; even the sales manager drove the same spec. car, and agreed that the car he drove does the same.

What now? You can contact me on lewellyn1_chastity@hotmail.com

General Comments:

Fuel economy good.

Comfortable drive.

Feels safe.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

13th Jan 2011, 00:03

It is now day 2 since I last logged a review on my car, and just to update that the clutch is now starting to burn again, and I'm still swinging to get this thing resolved.