2009 Toyota Corolla Advance 1.3




Clutch was changed at 26500. Got it back after two weeks, and 15 minutes later an oil leak from the gearbox. Drove the car for a week, and the clutch burnt again, and a second clutch was authorised by the field technician.

The car now is sticky, especially in the morning in first and second gear. At times it feels as if it grinds in second gear as the car gets hotter while driving.

Toyota SA says after driving the car today, that it's right according to the spec., so it has to select gears like that they say. Spoken to just about everybody, and no help. The car is still doing the same thing. A courtesy vehicle I drove does exactly the same; even the sales manager drove the same spec. car, and agreed that the car he drove does the same.

What now? You can contact me on lewellyn1_chastity@hotmail.com

General Comments:

Fuel economy good.

Comfortable drive.

Feels safe.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

13th Jan 2011, 00:03

It is now day 2 since I last logged a review on my car, and just to update that the clutch is now starting to burn again, and I'm still swinging to get this thing resolved.

1990 Toyota Corolla GL 1.6


Toyota = Reliability


Sometimes the car only runs on 3 cylinders due to oil flooding the fourth one. Easily fixed by cleaning the spark plug.

Normal wear and tear items such as brake pads, shocks and the various filters.

Front left headlight bulb blew at 225000km - easily replaced with a Toyota OE bulb for R9!!!

One of the speakers blew in the dashboard.

Rings are badly worn due to previous owner running the car without engine oil!

Drivers seat is slightly worn, but seems like it will last a few more years.

General Comments:

Previous owner (an old lady) had not serviced the car at all! This car still had all the original parts, almost all of which were still in perfect working order even after 15 years (incl the shocks)!

Every so often blue smoke will come out of the exhaust (due to the worn rings).

Very reliable, has NEVER left me stranded even when running on 3 cylinders!

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Review Date: 15th August, 2007

17th Nov 2012, 13:32

As the owner of this car, I can honestly say that it is as reliable as the ocean currents! The Toyota has now passed the 300,000km mark, and despite some signs of smoking, it never fails to start, no matter the weather.

The left headlight has been replaced (all parts being VERY cheap for older Toyotas) and the body has had a respray. The shock absorbers, brake pads, bulbs (100w), mags (15'), tyres and a new radio/CD player have all been replaced or installed. My wife is very happy with this simple, extremely reliable car that never misses a beat!

12th Nov 2013, 00:15

Reviewer update:

The car has just done 300,000km and has not missed a beat.

The alternator failed at 280,000km and is a VERY EXPENSIVE part to replace (costs almost as much as the entire car is worth). Replaced with a good 2nd hand part.

CV joints (original) and clutch (original) starting to go and will be replaced soon.

The car starts first time every time, and has been the most reliable vehicle in my collection from the moment I bought it.

2004 Toyota Corolla 160i GLE 1.6 petrol


Good car


Engine Noise - This was high from the start, especially between 3000 and 5000 rpm at any speed or in any gear. I complained to Toyota South Africa, but they seemed to agree that the engine noise was the right one!

General Comments:

+ Car is extremely reliable. Never a single problem from purchase time at 0km to 90,000km.

+ Only complaint is with engine noise, which is a bit higher than I think.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2007

4th Dec 2017, 19:00

Is it 3 speed? I've read 3 speeds are noisier.