1987 Mercedes-Benz 190 2.3-16v Cosworth 2.3 -16v injection


A good, strong reliable car for the family man and enthusiast both


Rear suspension balls at 160,000k

Fuel pump relay in 2002 (fitted second hand replacement)

Odometer spindle fell out 2003 (fixed in 20 minuets)

Ads plays up a bit on/off when wheels spin accures.

General Comments:

A very good all round car, built like a tank, but with the Cosworth WAA engine the performance is very good and can stay with a lot of so called 'sports cars'.

Road holding is fantastic and very forgiving, even in the wet and always predictable, the change to 225-45/16 tyres has helped a lot.

The leather interior can be a bit hot here in Spain, but it wears very well.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th May, 2003

23rd Jul 2003, 08:49

That's what you get when you combine the best of German engineering with the best of British engineering. One heck of a motor car!

11th Aug 2003, 16:23

Since the original comments I have been able to spend a bit of time testing the car and setting her up a bit better.

Rolling road test out at 184bhp

Top speed = 248 kph, (150+ mph) flat road, no wind.

0 - 100 (0 - 60) kph = 6.7 seconds.

100 (60) - 0 3.6 seconds

Comes on the cam at 4,700 rpm and maxes on the limiter at 7,150 rpm

Hmmmm, not bad for a five seat saloon.

21st Jan 2004, 15:23

Ditto to the last comment. My wife has a 1986 2.3-16 that we bought from a retired gentleman while we were stationed in Germany with the Department of Defense. This little beast is absolutely an Autobahn car. It has only 123,657 original Kilometers on the clock and is still one of the fastest production sedans I've ever driven. It's faster than many so called 'sports cars'. At 235 KPH and still accelerating my better judgment got in the way and I backed off. The tach was setting at 5200 rpm when I lifted my foot.

Stationed in England now is a travesty for this little car. Bad roads and constant wet haven't done visible damage yet, but that's only because I keep on top of it, keep it in a dry garage and keep it clean.

The only problem I've found has been in locating qualified Mercedes techs that know how to service this particular vehicle here in England.

Yes, this car WILL go back to the states with us as compliance with NTSB vehicle safety standards was pretty much already done when these cars were built. I've gotten the green light from NTSB.

Would I buy another one? YES! I'd like to have one of my own instead of having to beg my wife for some 'wheel time' in 'her' car.