1989 Citroen BX 19 GTi


A potent and comfortable spaceship



Wheel bearings all around.

Both rear suspension bearings.

Hydraulic pump.

A few hydraulic pipes.

Drive shaft.

Starter motor.


A couple of batteries.

Headlight and blinker switch.

Headlight (rust)

Front blinker.

Repaired several return hoses including the "octopus"

2 Cam drive belts.

Replaced front and rear spheres.

Rear silencer.


Coupe Fan.

General Comments:

Blessed with knowing a good mechanic, owning this car for over ten years has been a real pleasure.

I'm living in the countryside with a stretch of UN-ploughed road that can have 50 cm of snow in the winter. I head full on into it until I get stuck, then elevate the car and back out, lower it and again head full on for a few meters more and repeat until I finally get at the main road. If it wasn't for the hydraulics I would need a 4wd to get out.

The car always starts and never stops until I turn it off. The engine is strong and haven't failed once, it has a wonderful torque spanning the whole register. I can overtake anyone and go as fast as any roads permits. I used to drive a motorbike before (BMW R90s) and it's a bit of the same feeling, but instead it has an effective heater, an electric sunroof and the traveling charachteristics of a spaceship. Its quiet, comfortable and I just love it.

When the a hydraulic pipes breaks in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive 100 km without suspension, power steering or brakes it really brings adventure to your life, you need to be creative and adapt to new unknown conditions. Memorable events that keeps you alert and postpones a sedated aging.

It takes quite a bit of oil, probably the valve seals, but as they don't complain at the MOT, at 330000 km who cares. Its not as fast as it used to be, tops at 180 kph now but I can still catch the ferry in time even if I'm late.

Perhaps a bit thirsty, 0.8l/10km. Even if I usually sing the praise of BX 19 GTi as the perfect car I recently borrowed a Xantia from a friend and damn it, it was quieter, really comfortable, had automatic gear and an amazing stereo. Sure it was a bit sluggish and didn't have the motorbike feeling at all, but maybe, just maybe I should get a new car.

Some Citroen tips: Check the spheres, re-pressure or swap them when the car feels bumpy. Refresh a worn old hydraulic system with a special cleaning oil called Hydraurinçage, it definitely makes wonders, guaranteed.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2007

1988 Citroen BX 16v 1.9


The best compromise there is for this type of money



General Comments:

The BX 16v is a whole different creature than an ordinary BX. (I've had a BX RS before, and also driven a BX TD). With the 16v, you get a lot of gadgets and equipment with your car, that doens't come with an ordinary BX. Power steering, electrical windows at all doors, and lots of other stuff. There are many things to play around with in a 16v. You also get ABS with all the 16v's.

As a GTi-version of an ordinary BX, the 16v does a fine job overall. The handling is good, not great, there are other similar cars out there that do the handling-bits better, but it surely do handles above average. The same thing goes for the steering, which delivers quite a lot of information to the driver, considering it's a Citroen, but it's a tad bit too light, and it could be more direct. The engine is the best thing about this car. It's got quite a lot of torque even at low revs, and because the car is quite light, you get a very laid back driving style when you drive a BX 16v, you seldom have to push the engine or change gears. Still, the engine really comes alive at around 4500 RPM, as you really feel the revs rushing up all the way to just below 7000 RPM. The engine is still not quite as hysterical as the Renault 19 16v's engine as an example, neither does it sound quite as good, but as an daily driver the BX 16v's engine does the better job of them.

The comfort of the car is also good, sure, you don't get the same feeling you do in a larger Citroen, but the suspension is still more comfortable than all the competition at the time. (Talking about cheap & small cars here), and the seats are just great. On the downside, the back seat are not that suitable for tall persons, in fact, even in the driver seat, it isn't that far up to the roof of the car, but this is a far larger problem in the back seat.

The trunk space is great, it's huge, larger than you think, and you can also put down the back seat, to make the space even larger.

Overall my BX 16v turned out to be a great experience. Having owned several hot hatches, (Renault 19 16v, BX 16v, 205 CTi), I must say I liked the BX 16v the best. It's the best compromise of both comfort, speed, and handling, and that's what I look for when using a car as a daily driver.

Finally, I must also point out that what I first wrote in this review is true, nothing, and I mean nothing, went wrong with the car through all the miles I drove it. All the electrical gadgets worked just fine all the time, like in a Japanse car, and the suspension never caused any trouble. Sure, there were a few things that was faulty when I first bought the car, but those things were only of minor detail, and were nothing that bugged me. However, I do know that the BX can be quite a car to repair sometimes, but I also do know that in general, BX cars are far better than what their rumour says when it comes to quality. The only real downside is that the interior squeaks quite a lot, but this is far from the only 80's car that have this kind of behaviour.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2006