1980 Porsche 924 Turbo 2.0 turbo


A pure racing machine for a nice price


I blew the first engine. Had to change to a newer one. The old engine was not so good at the beginning anyway.

General Comments:

The car is fast very fast and is easy to tune up for better performance. With the old engine I ran 0-60m/ph in about 5.5 seconds. This newer engine is going to push the car away much faster. So it's a nice car, but very hard to drive if you are too throttle happy.

My car spins from the 1st gear up to the 3rd gear if it's a little wet on the ground with both tires.

The recaro seats are very nice.

And the kick from the Garett k26 turbo is really great.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2001

27th Nov 2001, 10:53

Hey, I just purchased a '79 Porsche that is in great condition, my father and I are planning on fixing it up, and would like to know how you fixed the car up, and for how much...

Also, how much horsepower does it have?


1977 Porsche 924 Martini Edition 2,0 injection petrol


Bad ass German with an attitude


Someone tried to steal it with a screwdriver on the driver side so I can't open the door. The hood opener broke, actually that's it. Almost forgot the air valve on one tire had a leak.

Haven't had the car very long and the jerk who had it before me has repainted the car. It's a real Martini Edition but mine is Porsche silvergrey. I guess that's okay but it will get a respray when I have modified the fenders to GTR.

General Comments:

A bad ass car when you get to know it. Mine is a little faster than standard because of some fiddling with the air and I'm gonna make a engine stabilizer very soon. The GTR kit is coming on in winter, we are gonna do a little lowering very soon and adding 205/55 tires on the stock rims.

That's all you need for a thrill, it's also a lighter car than stock and a cooler interior.

Could be a little faster but I'm gonna get me a 944 soon to so I'll think I change engine in my 924. I'm already on it, my friend got a 3.0 litre in his, it runs like a rocket, he has also added turbos. The car sprints 0-100 kilometers in 3.98 seconds and has a topspeed of 297kmh and 589 horsepower.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2000

11th Jan 2002, 21:09

What did you do when you "fiddled with the air"?

26th Oct 2002, 05:45

Well, why would you ruin a Martini edition with changing motor, color, fenders and so on? This is a valuable car in original shape. Get some other ugly 924 cheap to fix up, that is most fun. But like Martini edition. that's a holy one, you got me right? :)