8th Dec 2002, 13:52

How did he get the 3.0 to 580 some hp? Did he have a 5spd in it, or a 4?

7th Jan 2003, 04:58

And fiddling with the air won't do squat on the 924 n/a. the 2L n/a engine is one of the hardest to get any real power out of short of the extremes of the factory went with the D production cars. One guy I know ported and polished the head added a cam,a header exhaust, and a msd 6 ignituion with rev control, a msd blaster 2 coil then put a bigger throttle body on and a dial a cam sprocket. He has roughly 135hp from a '79 US spec engine (originally 110hp)

14th Jul 2004, 04:06

I have owned a 924 martini for 15 years used it daily did think about selling once, but bloke wanted to spray it black!! so I didn't sell. now she sits in the garage (7 years now) waiting to be restored to her former glory. does any one know some one who could do the job reasonably priced as its still the best looking of the 924 and I would love to use it again.

Neil (bucks)

6th Mar 2005, 05:31

Your friend's story is rubbish.

The hood opener thing is a common problem, happened to mine at 200,000 k/m. $25 and twenty minutes work gets it done.

22nd Apr 2006, 21:21

Hey, it sounds really good that you're doing something to bring this beautiful car into the 21st century. Maybe try to stay close to the original car as possible and instead make modifications that compliment it instead of change it, as the Martini is a rare and beautiful find. Just wondering about the GTR body-kit though, where do you plan to get one from. I've looked EVERYWHERE and still haven't found anything. Have fun with your Porsche!

15th Jan 2007, 14:59

I have two 924 martini editions. One has been zibart protected from new and is in amazing condition for its age. The other is not and the rust worm has had a pretty good go at it, but the interior is very good. I intended using the rusted one for spares only - I just love them!

24th Mar 2008, 06:10

I just bought a '77 924 Martini edition.

I am trying to find out info on it. as much as possible.

I can't seem to find any information on the car. What amount where imported into the US, and what options my car came with compared to the regular 924. how to check my vin number to be sure.

I would also like to know what my car is worth. has only 54,000 miles on it. paint is a little faded but decent int is amazing for its age!

Any information or links would be much appreciated! Thanks a lot.

If you have any thing please ether respond here or e-mail me at cheepjeepparts@yahoo.com.